HP Enterprise and Tech Mahindra to deepen partnership and focus on IoT

HP CoE inauguration

HP Enterprise and Tech Mahindra who already have a very strong synergy and partner on a series of technical areas yesterday strengthened their partnership to collaborate and add value to customers in the IoT and Smart City fronts. They have set up a joint COE in Bangalore at the Tech Mahindra campus for this.

By 2020, it is expected that more than 28 billion IoT devices will be in operation. In anticipation of this explosive growth, HPE recognizes that success hinges on the ability of organizations to transform their IT infrastructure and operations through IoT readiness initiatives.

HP Enterprise with their Aruba acquisition added a strong suite of tools that seamlessly enables smart infrastructure with intelligent tracking and audit trails that naturally lend themselves to the IoT and smart city management domains. Add that to the technical and delivery strength that Tech Mahindra has developed over the years and you have an ideal partnership that is a win-win-win for both the companies and their customers.

HPE has played a very active part in the setting up of the new CoE at the Tech Mahindra facility in Bangalore. The HPE team has meshed into and become a virtual part of the Tech Mahindra team and made significant hardware, IP and skill contributions in setting up the same.

Tech Mahindra on the other hand, has over the years built deep capabilities in the area of smart infrastructure and smart city management. They have vast repository of products and data analysis capability in this domain. HPE has deployed IoT projects worldwide to improve industrial operations, enhance enterprise workspaces, and connect devices across wide areas.

Smart Infrastructure and efficient IoT will:

  1. Connect devices across multiple protocols and standards, merge data streams, and optimize acquired data for relevancy and context.
  2. Implement rigorous security standards to protect data at rest and in motion, apply detailed access controls, and monitor for malicious behavior.
  3. Use Insights to take action to improve customer response, remediate underperforming processes, and develop new business opportunities.

The internet of things for Industries enable you to collect and analyze data from connected assets, people and places, to deliver actionable insights in an industrial environment, so you can increase production uptime and reduce operational risks.  Enterprise IoT can create personalized experiences in buildings and venues with enterprise IoT technology. Increase efficiency, engagement, and innovation with intelligent spaces tailored to the needs of your customers and employees. Wide Area IoT  will immensely add value and connect and monetize the vast amount of data generated by devices across large spaces. Wide-area IoT technology can scale to billions of devices and can communicate across stationary and moving objects, enabling smart cities, connected vehicles, and precision agriculture.

Aruba’s industry leading Secure NAC solution covers the entire set of enterprise access control use cases from wired to wireless, guest, BYOD onboarding, and policy-based remediation and response. Aruba ClearPass leverages known and trusted contextual information and analytics to secure network access on any multi-vendor wired or wireless network, and is Common Criteria certified.

With unmatched innovations in the areas of encryption, physical hardening, and remote access – Aruba has always integrated security into its wired and wireless network infrastructure – to ensure that user, system and device traffic can always be trusted.

IoT data originates remotely, often from equipment at the edge that emits analog data in industries like energy, manufacturing and utilities. Outside the traditional data center or cloud, the edge is in the field, on a plant floor, at an oil rig or copper mine—generating business, engineering and scientific insights.

Today, IoT data is sent to a data center or the cloud for future processing or analysis. Imagine if you could process this data at the remote site. The result is the ability to take instant action and affect immediate control of your “things.” HPE is leading this move from the data center to the edge, enabling a new wave of technologies that have not been possible before—machine learning at the edge, fraud prevention, automated maintenance support, and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

In line with all the above, the HPE and Tech Mahindra partnership has started with a smart city project in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. At the event, we were given working demonstrations of capability PoCs in the areas of smart car management, smart agriculture and a very granular and focused implementation of smart city management in Singapore. All the demos were well thought out and fully implementable from the get go.

From a wholistic angle, the partnership looks very productive and the top management on both sides is deeply committed to take this through and scale it into a large profit center. We will be watching this development very keenly as this also augurs very well with the current Indian governments push to get the smart city implementations to spread across the country.

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