Huawei’s Mobile Money solution – pushing Financial Inclusion for the unbanked

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Huawei is one  of the largest tech companies in the world and it would be very wrong to slot them just as a mobile phone maker. They are very active in multiple areas like 5G Technology, AI, Smart Cities and generally a world leader in ICT. They have also given a major push to financial inclusion of the unbanked and undeserved people in Asia. Let us take a good look at Huwaei’s Mobile Money solution

Huawei Mobile Money focuses on transforming the financial lives of the two billion unbanked or underserved people in Emerging Markets by enabling customers to manage their money and financial transactions: simply, efficiently and safely.

Huawei Mobile Money has been commercially deployed in 19 countries, serving over 152 million users which represents 22% of registered Emerging markets Mobile Money accounts.

In Kenya, the world’s largest Mobile Money operator Safaricom, is a Huawei Mobile Money customer with more than 29 million customers using their M-Pesa service with transactions worth $66 Billion in financial year 2017. The platform capabilities of Huawei Mobile Money enables M-Pesa to serve their customers predictably and reliably even during peak demand with up to 900 transactions per second. Using the Huawei platform, response time for a single transaction was reduced from 10 to 4 seconds, and the transaction success rate increased from 96% to 99.99%.

In Pakistan, Huawei helped Mobile Money operator Jazz provide Mobile Money services for its customers. It supports the innovative development of the new services, through rapid TTM and flexible configuration. Supported by Huawei Mobile Money, the market share of JazzCash has increased by 38% from 2014 to 2017, and JazzCash has become the market leader in active mobile account in Pakistan, with more than 13 million customers and over 70,000 agents.

Superior experience

Proven performance, scalability and reliability which enables a real-time, frictionless experience to customers and agents which enhances retention and promotes transaction frequency.

Innovative products and services

Highly flexible mobile wallet services such as cash in/out, mobile payment services like Bill payment, linked bank accounts, QR code & NFC payment and mobile financial services such as savings and overdraft provision.

Trusted platform

Built ground-up incorporating advanced authentication and encryption technology to protect customer and transaction information. Transaction integrity is ensured through software and hardware (HSM) dual encryption, three site Local Disaster Recovery and message-logging mechanisms. Compliant and certified to ISO 27001 /PCI-DSS (PA-DSS) standards.

Open ecosystem

Featuring over 400 API’s accessed via an open developer platform which enables fast integration and on-boarding with agents, merchants and partners. Pre-integration with leading 3rd party financial partners.

To help their customers either baseline their existing Mobile Money solution or develop strategy for a new offering. Huawei provides a Mobile Money Business Assessment Program (BAP) which analyses current capabilities and focus areas referenced against industry benchmarks.

Over 40 countries, providing macro-economic environment analysis and identifying key drivers for Mobile Money market development. With over 130+ assessment indexes, BAP provides analysis across: Marketing, competition, agent network, ecosystem, user experience and organization

In summary, The Huawei Mobile Money solution has the stability and backing of the solid and reliable tech that Huawei stands for with the commitment and passion that the company has to use technology to improve lives. This makes the Mobile Money solution a right push in the right direction and more importantly at the right time in the right region(s). This will go a long way in pushing the underserved into financial inclusion.

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