Denmark’s Largest Technology Company Works with IBM to Help it Expand into New Markets


IBM (NYSE: IBM) is announcing it has entered into a new infrastructure outsourcing agreement with KMD that aims to stay ahead of technological developments within IT infrastructure including cloud, automation, machine learning, security and to help enterprise client transform in the digital era.

It will strengthen KMD’s significant experience with business-critical software solutions, data security and handling large volumes of data for highly regulated industries, thus underlining the company’s ambitions to expand its footprint in the financial sector of the Nordics region.

Under the outsourcing agreement, IBM will provide KMD infrastructure services that will assist KMD in its work to provide upgraded infrastructure offerings to its clients, both in the public and private sector.

With the outsourcing arrangement, KMD is also underlining its ambitions for its software to run on a world-leading IT infrastructure. Over the next two years, KMD will invest $80 million USD in the IT infrastructure area to benefit clients. The total contract value exceeds $320 million USD.

“Our public and private sector businesses have become increasingly digital,” said Lars-Henrik Jessen, KMD’s Executive Vice President, Operations. “With the acceleration of digital economies and technologies such as IoT, AI and mobility, use of agile technology that is secure to the core has become a critical success factor. Outsourcing infrastructure services to IBM supports our growth strategy and will enable us to expand the services we can offer within a complex enterprise IT infrastructure.”

The outsourcing agreement will mean that IBM will provide KMD with IT infrastructure, including servers and networks, through to 2024. The agreement is an expansion of an existing outsourcing contract under which IBM provides mainframe services to KMD.

“IBM Services assists organizations all over the world to move to the cloud, automate processes and digitize their business by managing services and underlying infrastructure in an integrated, secure and concerted way,” said Bart Van den Daele, General Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM Europe. “Our multi-cloud capabilities provide a solid platform for KMD’s business to grow and expand further.”

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