OnePlus 6 gets Google Lens integration with Oxygen OS 5.1.9

OnePlus 6 Silk White

It’s been noted that the OnePlus 6 has delivered the best camera OnePlus has built to date. Even after achieving their best-ever DxoMark score of 96 on the software released with the device launch in May 2018, they believe in constantly refining the smartphone experience. With a proven track record of improving software over time, the camera of the OnePlus 6 is no exception. They will be rolling out a significant camera update, based on community feedback, in the upcoming OxygenOS 5.1.9 software build.

Additionally, in this build, they have announced that Google Lens functionality will be available on the OnePlus 6’s native camera app.

The OnePlus 6’s dual camera system features a 16MP main camera, supported by a 20MP secondary camera. With an f/1.7 aperture, the 16MP main camera has been bolstered by a 19 percent larger sensor and OIS for outstanding performance in a range of lighting conditions. With Advanced HDR, OnePlus’ improved High Dynamic Range algorithm, the OnePlus 6 brings out shadows and enhances lighting in photos.  Portrait Mode will be available on the OnePlus 6’s front camera as well as its rear. Using AI, the front camera is able to apply a depth of field effect to selfies.  Newly added bokeh effects, including circles, hearts and stars offer new ways for users to customize their portraits. The OnePlus 6 marks the introduction of OnePlus’ Slow-Motion mode, which can capture high-definition video frame-by-frame with astonishing detail, ensuring users never miss the action.

The enhanced bokeh mode in the rear cameras is very visible and the edges of the subject are very clearly demarcated in pictures and the blurring of the background looks very thoroughly professional. With the increase in the pixel size, OnePlus has managed to make the low light pictures look a lot better. The photos are good and the colors are rendered very crisply. Pictures taken with the HDR mode are very vivid and I now have the mode on for all my pictures. The algorithm sometimes does over correct colors but overall the results are very nifty and good.

DxOMark noted the OnePlus 6 has a fast and accurate autofocus, bright and vivid colors in all conditions, and good detail preservation capabilities. And we’re already making it even better.

OxygenOS 5.1.9 builds on the great photographic experience of the OnePlus 6 and further improves clarity, dynamic range, edge detection in portrait mode and overall focusing speed and accuracy.

Moreover, the integrated Google Lens Mode uses the phone camera to surface information about the objects through machine learning to provide more details and also provide relevant search tags. They can use the camera to: scan QR codes and use the image recognition tool to get more information about things like books, buildings, and works of art, by simply tapping on it. OnePlus 5 and 5T users can also expect to get the Google lens update via OTA soon.

For more information on the DxOMark test analysis of the OnePlus 6, please see here:

For more information on the OxygenOS 5.1.9, please see here:

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