Ericsson plans to accelerate content delivery and edge cloud adoption with partnerships

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Ericsson Unified Delivery Network (UDN) has entered an agreement with US-based company Limelight Networks to collaborate on content delivery and edge cloud services.

Under the agreement Limelight Networks will deploy content delivery technology on the UDN platform.

Ericsson is partnering with service providers globally to build the Ericsson UDN edge cloud platform – an edge delivery network at webscale, driving performance benefits and cost efficiencies. Content delivery is the first application built on the UDN platform.

By providing computing capabilities close to the user or device, edge computing addresses rapidly increasing data demands and subscriber experience expectations through distributed infrastructure, while maintaining high quality and high performance.

Low latency applications, such as IoT, gaming, and virtual reality are set to benefit.

Bob Lento, CEO, Limelight Networks, says: “We are always looking for ways to improve the performance and reach of our network. The strength of Ericsson’s partnerships with communications service providers through the UDN Network is a key component of this agreement that enable us to offer even better reach and performance for our customers. We are delighted to work with Ericsson on this initiative.”

Marcus Bergstrom, Head of Ericsson UDN, says: “Entering this agreement with Limelight Networks, a leader in content delivery networking and edge cloud services, opens a new chapter for the UDN network in line with our strategic plans for our edge cloud platform.”

Australian service provider Telstra, one of the first UDN network partners and early influencers, welcomed the announcement.

Gary Traver, Network Engineering Executive, Telstra, says: “Telstra has consistently demonstrated its commitment to improving content delivery for all forms of content on our network. This agreement between Limelight and UDN is another example of how Telstra is working with technology leaders to drive a better user experience for its customers and is another proof point of the value services providers can bring by aggregating their assets to provide an improved quality of experience to content providers, aggregators and technology companies.”

Dan Rayburn, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, says: “Combining content delivery technologies with an edge cloud platform that’s distributed inside ISPs is one of the best ways to guarantee optimal performance and allow application providers to use edge services to improve the end-user experience.”

For further details, read the Limelight Networks press release here.

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