OnePlus 6T: 9 Key Questions Answered

OnePlus 6T Mirror Black

The OnePlus 6T is here and goes on sale on Amazon and the offline channels starting today. Like all OnePlus devices before this one, there is a lot of buzz around it and as soon as the news of the device hit the market, there were a lot of people with a lot of questions. I took the questions that I got most often and got in touch with the OnePlus team. So here are the nine key questions about the OnePlus 6T answered for you

Why was the LED notification removed/omitted?

OnePlus’ lift-up display allows users to see notifications on their lock screen when the phone is picked up hence negating the need for LED notification.

Why are there decorative holes at the bottom but no dual speaker?

The holes were incorporated to achieve an aesthetic balance.

Why does the OnePlus 6T lack a 3.5mm headphone jack?

OnePlus 6T is a landmark moment for OnePlus – it’s our most complete vision of a truly fast, smooth and burdenless device – moving even closer to our vision of a perfect smartphone. We don’t worry about being the first with technology, instead, we want to be the best.

More people are now demanding bigger and better screens, new technology, and exceptional battery life. We listen carefully to our user feedback and aim to deliver the best possible overall experience that is balanced and burdenless. With the removal of the headphone jack, we were able to install a larger battery and implement Screen Unlock while maintaining a similar form factor and ergonomics to the OnePlus 6.

Why Does Nightscape occasionally have a slow processing time?

Nightscape is designed to produce true-to-life images in static low-light situations with a high dynamic range and 2 second exposure time and up to 10 multi-frame shots. OnePlus 6T stacks 10 shots together to create clearer true-to-life shots, hence the processing time is a bit longer than auto-mode shots. We will continue to optimize the processing time with future updates.

How secure is Screen Unlock?

Screen Unlock has the same level of security as a capacitive sensor. The fingerprint data points are saved in the Qualcomm Snapdragon trust zone, which is also the same as the capacitive sensor data.

Will a screen protector influence the capability of Screen Unlock?

Which the screen protector won’t influence the users’ unlock experience, please notice that we only recommend official OnePlus Screen Protectors. If you apply or reapply a screen protector, please re-register your fingerprint.

If the screen is scratched, can the Screen Unlock be used as usual?

Screen Unlock still works if the display has small cracks. If there has been major damage to the screen, we suggest you contact our customer service for further assistance.

Why is there is no update to the camera’s hardware?

Performance, whether the speed of opening apps or the camera, is not just specs. It is about a combination of hardware and software. We are constantly optimizing camera performance based on feedback from the community, and the optimizations for the OnePlus 6T is our biggest step yet. These optimizations include a new denoising algorithm for more detail and better low-light, studio lighting and Nightscape.

Will there be any difference when you use the Nightscape mode to take pictures during daylight?

The new Nightscape mode is designed to capture high-dynamic range, low light landscape and static shots – with improved clarity, less noise, more accurate colour reproduction.

Please note that the responses are from the OnePlus team and I have not edited or altered them in any way. My review of the OnePlus 6T is coming soon and my opinion will feature there. So get ready for the sale day armed with these answers.

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