MINA Group uses Oracle to digitally transform the dining experience

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The MINA Group is continually testing the boundaries of restaurants and opportunities to transform the fine dining experience, bringing new flavors to customers across the world. No better example of this philosophy is the group’s innovative The Street Food Hall concept in Waikiki, Hawaii. Powered by the Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony restaurant management platform and Oracle MICROS 600 series point-of-sale devices, the hall brings together 10 globally-inspired food stations, enabling visitors to taste multiple cuisines in a casual, festive setting.

An ambitious project aimed at providing an ever-changing dining experience for guests, MINA Group operates each of these stations separately led by individual chefs with an evolving menu. With the regular launch of new concepts, effectively managing restaurant operations is critical to ensuring a consistent focus on service. Oracle was selected for its ability to manage each station as its own revenue center while aggregating analysis of the entire venue; providing durable hardware that can meet the demands of kitchen environments; and minimizing technology complexity, allowing the creativity of MINA Group and its chefs to shine.

“As operators, we’ve had the opportunity to work with several different POS systems where we weren’t able to be as omnipresent as we’d like to be in order to have an intimate knowledge of what was going in our restaurants,” says Patric Yumul, president MINA Group. “The choice was clear to go with Oracle Simphony Cloud because of their reliability, data, and ability to see how the entire operation is doing and how our marketing efforts are working.”

Oracle Food and Beverage has long collaborated with MINA Group, with the Oracle MICROS point of sale solutions utilized at signature locations including MICHAEL MINA, PABU, RN74, International Smoke and The Mina Test Kitchen. MINA Group continues to implement Oracle solutions for their ability to meet the needs of the unique dining concepts – whether they be iconic fine dining establishments with thousands of wine options, multiple quick service menus within a single establishment, or new restaurants evolved out of The MINA Test Kitchen.

“MINA Group is a true innovator among restaurant management companies with an unprecedented breadth of unique concepts,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Food and Beverage. “With The Street Food Hall in Waikiki, MINA Group is continuing to demonstrate the creative applications of Oracle Food and Beverage solutions. As the MINA Group continues to innovate new dining experiences, Simphony will prove to be a strategic investment that supports culinary creativity, differentiated service and streamlined operations.”

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