Huawei to Build a 5G-oriented All-Cloud Core Network in Turkey


Recently, Turkey’s largest carrier Turkcell announced that it will join hands with Huawei to build a 5G-oriented all-cloud core network. This Project will launch the largest Cloud EPC Network globally, and this will be the first Core Network with key technologies for 5G evolution globally: commercial cloud-based software architecture, control and user plane separation (CUPS), and A/B test. This means global top carriers have made substantial progress in software architecture transformation, network architecture transformation, and the O&M transformation for 5G evolution.

Huawei will provide a mature, reliable cloud solution to Turkcell, which enables Turkcell to achieve the network transformation strategy and a smooth evolution to 5G.

Cloud Native software structure

Cloud Native multi-point disaster recovery technology helps build a more elastic network, and ensure a highly reliable running environment for live network services, a network that can withstand multiple points of failure and still run smoothly.

CUPS network architecture

Huawei solution uses CUPS architecture to shorten transmission distances, simplify O&M, and deliver the best service experience to subscribers.

A/B test

Huawei solution provides an industry-leading A/B test solution to automate O&M and help carriers perform hitless upgrades with minimal resources required.

Huawei has signed more than 490 contracts for all-cloud core networks worldwide, helping carriers build an elastic, robust, agile, and all-cloud core network and smoothly evolve to the 5G network.

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