3 good reasons to sign up for the IBM Call For Code if you are a developer

Commit to cause

We are all living in very busy times and tight schedules. Sometimes we get so carried away by our hectic life that we do not stop to think about what happens if a natural disaster hits us. If you are a developer and have an idea that can help during a natural disaster then here are three good reasons for you to sign up for IBM Call For Code this year

A disaster by nature is the most unpredictable and devastating thing

Most of us live in a bubble and think that natural disasters are far away from us and live under a pseudo secure feeling that they will never touch our personal lives. Well if you are one of those people, it’s time to remind you of the tsunami that hit Chennai not very long ago and the fact that it devastated most of the coastal residents who were completely unprepared for it. If the right planning and tech had been used or deployed on time, there was a real possibility that damage to life and livelihoods could have been radically brought down. So if you are a developer who has a solution that can come in handy in addressing a tsunami or early warning for the same, the time to put on your thinking cap and start solving the problem is right now. Get into IBM Call For Code and you will have the entire might of IBM supporting you and helping you mainstream your solution. You will actually save lives on the ground. Start Now!

Most of today’s Advanced Technology has bottlenecks

 I used to live in Chennai in the early 2000s and that was the time when we were hit with an earthquake on a weeknight. There was pandemonium on the streets and people were running everywhere. The most important issue was that neither our landlines nor the mobile network was working. I was on my way from office and there was no way I could reach my family or vice-versa! The issue here was that our telecom network is not built to stand an earthquake. And when the network was restored, it went down in 5 minutes again as there was massive load with people calling all their loved ones immediately or calling medical help and such. The point is that while we have technology, every useful piece of tech that we use has a bottleneck and more often than not, a natural disaster brings tech to its knees. So it really is time to think out of the box and work on solutions that keep tech going in the face of a natural disaster! Have an idea? Sign up for IBM Call For Code now!

Sometimes the simple solutions are lifesavers

People get into the mindset that complicated problems often need complicated solutions, the truth is very far from this. When you think floods and communications, most people think that complicated telecom solutions are needed to address these together. But when you take a look at Project OWL, last year’s winner of Call For Code, you see that the most effective and robust solution is often simple and straightforward. Take a look at their video here. Similarly if you have simple breakdowns of solution steps for problems, sign up for IBM Call For Code now! The time is now!

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