Lenovo starts mainstream online made-to-order O2O laptop line

lenovo o2o

Lenovo, global technology brand, today announced an integrated retail shopping experience, bringing the online and the offline world closer.

A large segment of Indian consumers still prefer to visit a store because they like to see, hold and try products before buying. With smartphones as the primary mode of online research, the only way to convert those enquiries and interests is to offer an integrated, omni-channel in-store experience that spans the digital and physical journey of the customer.

Lenovo’s tech enabled retail solutions aims to empower the channel partners and retailers, helping them serve the customers better by providing a nonintrusive, context-based service where they don’t have to limit their choice to the products available on the shelf. It also ensures that the offline and online channels complement rather than compete with each other to satisfy customer needs.

With the introduction of O2O, Lenovo also extends its unique Made to Order service to every Lenovo store. With this service, when a customer walks into the Lenovo store, he/she can enjoy seamless shopping experience with expert guidance, coupled with the convenience of customizing products as per their unique requirements.

The Made to Order service gives customers the option to create a true factory-built custom PC and offers over 100,000 configurations. The Made To Order laptops will be custom created at Lenovo’s state-of-the-art factory using precision automation technology and will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep in just over two weeks.

Commenting on the announcement, Shailendra Katyal, Executive Director, Consumer PC Business, Lenovo India said, “Customers today actively seek a variety of channels, physical and virtual, before making any purchase decision. At Lenovo, we believe in balanced growth and we are constantly working towards empowering our retail partners so that they can provide a smart and connected shopping experience, which starts with a deep understanding of individual consumers’ needs. Introducing offline to online with the Made to Order facility across our stores is another step in this direction.”

“We believe that for customers, the experience and the choices should remain the same, irrespective if they are shopping on the go using their smartphones, from a store, having something delivered to their house, or buying it online and picking it up at the store. Hence, we have introduced this cohesive and connected shopping experience where a customer should be able to buy a product in one channel, and return or get support for it at another centre” he added.

Besides O2O, Lenovo is also using Smart Analytical and store management solutions like Heartbeat 2.0, Automated Planogram etc. to increase the efficiency of the stores.

Lenovo plans to roll out O2O solution across all its exclusive stores across India in a phased manner. All its products available on www.lenovo.com will be available for consumers who shop offline.

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