Kaiterra Launches Laser Egg+ CO2 Air Quality Monitor in India

Laser Egg+ CO2

 Kaiterra announced today the India launch of the Laser Egg+ CO2 air quality monitor. This is the first indoor air quality monitor for homes from Kaiterra to measure CO2, in addition to four other key pollutant indicators—PM2.5, air quality index,, temperature, and humidity. The Laser Egg+ CO2 empowers homeowners to make necessary changes that will improve the air they breathe everyday, furthering Kaiterra’s goal of making homes smart, safe and easy to manage when it comes to air quality.

“The addition of the Laser Egg+ CO2 to our dynamic product portfolio brings CO2 monitoring to consumers’ fingertips,” said Liam Bates, CEO and Co-founder of Kaiterra. “Most consumers don’t realize that moderate levels of CO2 commonly found in their home can lead to a cumulative negative impact on health and wellbeing. We felt it was important to develop a product that updates consumers on these levels as well as other key pollutants so they can take action to make the air in their homes safer.”

Kaiterra’s India CEO, Nita Soans added “We are pleased to launch the Laser Egg+ CO2 in India, a product that’s designed for a growing need we’ve seen in the Indian market. High CO2 levels is a common problem indoors, especially in bedrooms, classrooms, and workspaces. When we close our homes to keep out polluted air and turn on purifiers, it results in high levels of CO2 which leads to low cognitive levels and impacts performance at work or school.”

Carbon dioxide is one of the primary greenhouse gases responsible for the gradual heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface. Humans have accelerated the release of CO2 through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gasoline. High CO2 levels contribute to air pollution and have been linked to breathing issues such as asthma. Beyond ambient CO2 issues, exposure to excessive concentrations of CO2 at homes can result in physical and mental health effects. Physically, it can cause shortness of breath, headaches, unconsciousness, suffocation, vertigo, and seizures. Mentally, it can cause a lack of concentration and poor decision making.

The Laser Egg+ CO2 is powered by first-class sensors and a cloud-based calibration that provides accurate, real-time readings from reference-grade monitors stationed across the globe. Like its predecessors, Laser Egg+ CO2 can be monitored from a mobile device via the Kaiterra App. The app provides consumers with access to trends and real-time monitoring, as well as the ability to set alerts when air exceeds the pre-selected level.

Notable Laser Egg+ CO2 features include:

  • Multilingual interface
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Sleep settings
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Apple HomeKit and IFTTT compatibility

The Laser Egg+ CO2 is available for purchase on the Kaiterra website and Amazon.com. To learn more about Kaiterra’s dedication to improving the world we live in, visit www.Kaiterra.com.

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