Oracle Unshackles Stores from the Cash Wrap with Flexible POS Systems


With 52 percent of shoppers reporting their favorite way to shop is still in store, retailers must continually push the boundaries of in-store experiences. For shoppers, convenience reigns supreme—they want to get in and out with the goods they were seeking, which can only happen when inventory is accessible and smart, connected associates are ready to help. Enabling brands to deliver on this promise, Oracle Retail has continued to evolve its Xstore Point-of-Service (POS) and Oracle hardware systems.

The new Workstation 655 and 625 models feature a sleek, contemporary design that is built with a tough, but minimal footprint. The Workstation 6 models come preinstalled with the ‘Oracle Linux for MICROS’ operating system or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. This enables retailers such as McColl’s or Burberry, to concentrate on their core mission of delivering the customer experience most aligned with their brand, without sacrificing scale or long-term growth.

“McColl’s performs more than four million customer transactions per week through 2,700 POS terminals and we need fast and reliable store systems to support our customers and store colleagues,” said Neil Hodge, information technology director, McColl’s. “We chose Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service and the Oracle hardware because it is an adaptable solution capable of supporting our growth as operational requirements change.”

Oracle’s platform for modern retail allows retailers to select the format that best fits their unique brand image and customer expectations. This may be a fully mobile store, discrete fixed units or a combination, which is increasingly common. The form factor is just as important as having an integrated hardware and software point-of-service (POS) solutions that provide consistency across interfaces, features and functionality. This consistency ensures a seamless experience for both the consumer and the associate, helping reduce errors, increase speed and enhance the interaction with the inclusion of rich customer data.

For example, using the customer data in Xstore on their mobile tablet, a store associate can guide a shopper to the newest shoe from their favorite brand, check inventory in the customer’s size and then complete the transaction right there in the shoe department. A seamless, convenient experience for both the shopper and associate.

As retailers explore new store formats and seek agility in their experiences, Oracle offers a hardware footprint engineered from the ground up including industry-leading peripherals, operating system, application servers, and database, all designed to run and enhance the Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service experience right out of the box.

“Our latest hardware delivers a modern look and feel, and a more streamlined and resilient user-friendly footprint, which supports full feature store applications,” said Jeff Warren, vice president of strategy for Oracle Retail.  “Couple this with our hardware service offering and the result is an agile approach that enables retailers of all sizes to pick and choose the POS that is most brand-appropriate to their image, without sacrificing software features and functionality.”

The Oracle Retail Hardware portfolio is fully integrated with the Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service and supporting omnichannel suite. The cohesive solution can provide retailers a wide range of benefits including faster implementation, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), a consistent user experience, and investment protection that will accommodate future upgrades.

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