70% patients do online consultation with known doctors, Telemedicine grows 3-fold: DrOnA Survey

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A survey on growth in telemedicine consultation in India since Covid shows that digital adoption of medicinal services grew three times during this period. According to the survey, conducted by DrOnA Health in collaboration with Mankind Pharma, 60% of respondents reported high satisfaction with telemedicine consultation and 54% of respondents expressed willingness to continue it in future too.

The survey polled over 3000+ respondents across genders and age groups in over 250+ cities.  The results show that telemedicine is here to stay and will become an integral part of Indian healthcare. The perceived risk of getting infected at a clinic during COVID is a key reason for patients opting for online consultation, which is safer, convenient and comparatively more economical.

The survey further shows that the patients adopt their doctors’ preferred telemedicine platform which are designed as per telemedicine guidelines. 70% of users do online consult with known doctors while nearly 60 % use it for follow-up consultation.

The survey also showed a rise in telemedicine in the eastern part of country across Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Mr. Rajeev Juneja, CEO, Mankind Pharma, said: “Telemedicine is well established in other countries but COVID 19 has triggered interest in our country with patients adopting this technology quickly. This simple interaction not only offers convenience but provides an excellent solution to patients residing in remote areas by providing them with quality healthcare solution. Our survey has clearly shown that patients in India are proactively looking for telemedicine solutions and doctors who are adopting it are hugely benefiting. We are confident that the services that DrOnApp has brought in this segment will write a new episode in the path of telemedicine adoption in India.” 

 DrOnA health is a dedicated doctor centric teleconsultation platform with over 10,000 Doctors on it.

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