Red Hat supports digital transformation of CRUI and its members


Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced it has signed an agreement with CRUI, the Conference of Italian University Rectors, to make Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies available for use in any Italian university environment, from education to internal operations and ongoing digital transformation projects.

With Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud solutions available for Italian universities to use across their educational and internal IT footprints, we’re seeking to foster the next wave of innovation emerging from academia.


CRUI is the association of Italian state and non-state universities. Founded in 1963 as a private association of Rectors, over time it has become a primary point of reference for the development and promotion of the university ecosystem. With this in mind, it defines projects and initiatives aimed to deepen the relationships between universities and the various sectors of society.

Digital transformation is gaining importance in the education sector, with increasing demand from students to be able to interact digitally with their university, a need further driven by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, faculty and staff are looking for technology platforms that enable them to communicate with students in a more immediate and personalised way regardless of where the student may be physically located.

CRUI intends to use Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio to the CRUI community to help universities to modernise their applications, drive value from their data assets and create new forms of engagement with students and partners. Italian universities will gain access to some of the latest enterprise open source software in areas such as automation and containers to help them develop services and courses for internal and external users that are increasingly in line with the requirements of the labour market.

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