IBM Digital Health Pass To Integrate With CLX Health’s TrustAssure™ Platform

Medical Technology

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and CLX Health today announced plans to integrate IBM Digital Health Pass with CLX Health’s TrustAssure™ platform to help provide individuals with a seamless, secure way to locate and schedule a COVID-19 test with a provider and create a verifiable credential to use, if needed, when returning to physical locations, such as an airplane, sports stadium or workplace. CLX TrustAssure is a global network of more than 15,000 labs across more than 82 countries.

The IBM Digital Health Pass is designed to enable organizations to verify COVID-19 test results or vaccine administration for employees, customers and visitors entering their site, such as a sports stadium, airplane, university, government building or workplace. Relying on a combination of encryption, QR codes and blockchain technology, the IBM Digital Health Pass is a secured, voluntary digital alternative to paper test results or vaccination cards and provides another option, if needed, for individuals to share that they have tested negative or been vaccinated for COVID-19.

The TrustAssure Provider Lab Portal powered by CLX Health allows individuals access to their lab and diagnostic data anytime, from anywhere. Built on a secure, unified platform, the web-based portal is interactive and easy to navigate. The planned integration of the IBM Digital Health Pass will mean that once an individual’s COVID-19 test is complete, the individual will receive their results and can then opt to create a verifiable credential to add to a secure digital wallet on their smartphone. Additionally, the platform will allow for paper-to-digital scan and validation of COVID-19 vaccine cards so individuals can upload those credentials into their wallet to easily store and share them, if needed, via a verified QR code.

“We are pleased to work with CLX Health to help individuals verify their COVID-19 health credentials, if needed, in a way that preserves privacy of their personal health information,” said Eric Piscini, Vice President, Emerging Business Networks, IBM Watson Health. “By working together, we can help enable a smoother, more efficient experience for travellers, fans and employees using the IBM Digital Health Pass.”

“CLX Health is working closely with IBM and its Digital Health Pass to issue verifiable credentials for COVID-19 test results,” said Joseph Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer for CLX Health. “This is an important step in establishing an end-to-end solution that could add operational efficiency to our daily activities and improve upon convenience and safety overall.”

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