Nokia accelerates Telenor and Telia joint 5G network rollout in Denmark

5G implementation

Nokia continues to build upon its ongoing business with leading Danish mobile operators, Telenor and Telia via their joint network (TTN) accelerating the delivery of 5G services nationwide following the availability of 3.5 GHz spectrum. Nokia is the exclusive supplier of 5G RAN and will support the modernization of the shared network ensuring TTN’s three million customers have the best connectivity experiences. The availability of spectrum in the 3.5GHz band will offer incredibly fast 5G speeds to customers.

The modernization deal will focus initially on Denmark’s four largest cities before expanding to cover most Danish customers during 2022. It will see Nokia provide its ReefShark SoC (System on Chip) based AirScale 5G RAN portfolio including 5G Massive MIMO antennas to deliver enhanced ultra-fast, low-latency, and high capacity mobile broadband services to both TTN’s consumer and enterprise customers.

The deal will see Nokia continue its partnership with both companies and the operation of the joint network, which first started in 2012. Nokia together with Telenor and Telia was the first to test 5G in Denmark and among the first to activate 5G on a shared network.

TTN is Denmark’s largest mobile network with more than 4,300 sites. The merger between the two networks first began in 2012 with both companies each owning 50 percent of the network. It provides customers with better coverage, capacity, and quality, as well as reducing the companies’ overall CO2 footprint.

Thomas Kjærsgaard, CEO of Telia Denmark, commented: “The 5G network supports the increasing need for data and advanced communication solutions in Denmark. With the modernization of the network, we are making a significant investment in and upgrade of the vital Danish telecoms infrastructure. A strong network is the foundation for our continued work to support the digitalization of Denmark, the development of our economy, innovation, and sustainable solutions for the future.”

Lars Thomsen, CEO of Telenor Denmark, said: “As with everything else we do, our rollout is based on how we create the most real value for our customers. With our nationwide network rollout, Danes will experience higher speeds and better coverage in both urban and peri-urban areas. Specifically, the 5G upgrades will mean twice the speeds in densely populated areas and significant improvements across the country.”

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, commented: “Nokia has a long-standing and collaborative partnership with TTN – Telenor and Telia’s joint venture. Together we have delivered many technology ‘firsts’, which highlights our shared commitment to providing word-class connectivity, including the TTN 5G pilot in Denmark which was the first network to simultaneously support 2G-5G sharing. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Telenor and Telia and support their ambition to promote digitalization in Danish society and deliver new exciting solutions to its consumer, enterprise, and Industry 4.0 customers.”

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