Telecom Fiji Improves Digital Experiences for Customers with Oracle


Today’s customers demand flexible fixed and mobile service plans tailored to their unique lifestyle. To meet these expectations, Telecom Fiji Limited (Telecom) is going through a large transformation to deliver a fully digital experience to customers and offer new, customized services. Oracle Communications Policy Management running on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance infrastructure will support these efforts by enabling Telecom to provide flexible service plan and pricing options to customers. Oracle Communications Consulting will lead the implementation and management of the new solutions.

“We are building on our long-standing relationship with Oracle Communications because of its proven consulting services and innovative policy management solutions,” said Shalvin Narayan, head of ICT, Telecom. “The programmability of Oracle’s core network solutions is enabling us to scale and update our network policies independently as well as giving us the flexibility to rapidly deploy new offerings in the future.”

Telecom is the leading South Pacific Island provider of broadband and communications services exclusively to Fijian consumers and businesses, as well as the Fijian government.

By leveraging Oracle Policy Management’s natural language policy creation wizard, Telecom can more simply and efficiently create complex network policies across its fixed and wireless networks. This allows it to offer service plans at various price points and quality of service levels that are designed to meet different customer needs. For example, one service plan may be designed to support an online gamer’s intense streaming requirements, while another may offer unlimited data to browse social media applications or a robust set of parental controls.

Oracle Policy Management will seamlessly integrate with the existing Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management and Oracle Communications Order and Service Management back-office components to extend the transformation to Telecom’s fixed and wireless network layer. Oracle Policy management tells Telecom’s network how to treat the customer’s data flows across its 4G and fixed broadband network based on the specifics of their service plan. This ensures an enhanced and consistent experience for Telecom’s customers, regardless of the network they are on, and lays the foundation for a seamless transition to 5G.

“State-of-the-art network policy management allows for the rapid deployment of new use cases and tailored services based on customer segment,” said Andrew Morawski, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Communications – Networks. “Extending our long-term partnership, Oracle Communications will enable Telecom to offer a wide range of service plans designed to fit the unique voice and data needs of its customers, resulting in a more personalized experience.”

Using 3GPP industry-standard interfaces and protocols, Oracle’s solutions easily integrate into Telecom’s multi-vendor environments. Read more about how Oracle Communications is accelerating Telecom’s digital transformation journey here.

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