Ericsson leads global rankings for best mobile experiences with Far EasTone, Swisscom and TDC NET

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As mobile networks increasingly become the backbone of society, the number of public institutions and companies conducting regular and independent benchmark studies to measure mobile network experience has grown over the past years.

The final scores consider various aspects critical to the subscriber connectivity such as coverage, speed, latency, packet loss and app experience (web, video, gaming), to assess the overall mobile experience and have an increasingly strong effect on the communications service provider brand perception and financials. Benchmark scores were primarily published on a country-to-country basis, but recently, several global rankings were published

5G frontrunners such as Far EasToneSwisscom, and TDC NET have topped global independent benchmark rankings during 2021 for performance of networks powered by Ericsson technology.

While different independent benchmarks leverage different methodologies to identify the leader of the performance race, the common denominator is that the three ranking winners have Ericsson as their trusted partner.

Mark Düsener, Head of Mobile and Mass Market Communications at Swisscom, says: “Swisscom aims to offer its customers the best mobile services in Switzerland. To be ranked best in the World by umlaut, a respected third party, is a great testament to our continued efforts, in partnership with Ericsson. We are also proud to have consistently won all the benchmarks in Switzerland since the establishment of the Performance Partnership in 2017. Behind this success is the consistent work from the teams across planning, design, rollout and optimization of great products in the best network in the world.”

Ericsson has a long history of collaboration with Far EasTone in Taiwan, Swisscom in Switzerland and TDC NET in Denmark, and is the sole supplier of the RAN, Core, and optimization services of these three service providers, delivering the best performance in mobile networks and providing a solid foundation for new 5G use cases to materialize such as time-critical communication, Voice over NR and immersive entertainment, creating value for consumers, enterprises, and society.

Besides being the sole supplier of RAN and Core products and solutions. Ericsson has a Performance Partnership engagement with these CSPs, a unique approach to network optimization that combines long-term strategic activities such as technology introduction planning to succeed with the launch of major capabilities such as 5G, with daily activities, where the joint teams fine-tune features, optimize RF and tweak parameters to stay ahead of competition.

Juan Manuel Melero, Head of Network Design & Optimization at Ericsson, says: “We are extremely pleased to see these results. Three communications service providers in three different markets becoming global leaders across three recognized independent benchmark rankings. This is a testament to Ericsson’s ability to deliver true frontrunner performance through leading products and services, like Performance Partnership.”

Beyond these three winners, according to Ericsson research based on 2021 independent benchmark results, 75 percent of Ericsson RAN customers win performance benchmarks and when the easy-to-deploy and energy-efficient Ericsson RAN is combined with Performance Partnership network optimization services, the winning rate surpasses 90 percent.

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