oraimo launches uber smart – First ever Convertible Earbuds FreePods 3 for Indian Consumer

Oraimo Freepods

oraimo, a smart electronics brand has launched first ever convertible Earbuds – FreePods 3 for the very demanding Indian consumer.

The oraimo FreePods 3 are super cool gadget for people wanting to buy an affordable yet premium audio wearable in high quality. The brand oraimo, with a presence in 50+ countries around the world and over 100 million users, always on top of innovation, loves to offer the unthinkable. They are now offering a new convertible feature that is set to take the already pleasing listening experience on their FreePods 3 to a whole new level of pleasure.

With the launch of the new FreePods 3, oraimo has become the first smartelectronics maker to produce a convertible earbud with Bass & Awareness mode, across the globe and now in India.

Two feels in a pod

The FreePods 3 come with two different modes that users can switch to seamlessly. Both modes offer unique experiences that fit perfectly into researched user preferences. Some users, like me, enjoy blocking all of the noise out and travelling into another world when listening to music with their earbuds. Users like us will find the Bass mode to be more Ideal.

The Bass Mode

The “in-ear” is the bass mode which keeps out ambient noise and prevents every form of air leakage to boost the bass from any audio output when users listen. This mode has proven to be great for watching movies as it creates a cinematic audio experience that is thoroughly enjoyable. It can also be perfect for meditation exercises as it helps avoid any form of distraction.

For Sound, oraimo has introduced an all-new exclusive sound technology called HavyBass, the oraimo exclusive bass boost system, which will be applied in oraimo audio products.

They have collaborated with world class audio engineers who used to work in Harman Kardon, to deliver the best sound quality.

The Awareness Mode

If you like to be aware of your environment whilst listening to music on your morning jog routines, you might want to get the oraimo FreePods 3 and have a feel of the Awareness Mode, half in-ear mode. This mode allows you to adapt to your surroundings without losing the rich quality of the music as it slips into your ears.

oraimo has taken the listening experience to increasingly new heights for its users ever since it launched its smart audio accessory line of products. The brand was the first to launch this TWS feature in the Indian  market and has not rested on its oars ever since.

oraimo has gained staunchly devoted supporters and advocates over the years because of its indubitable reputation for creating the most reliable smart phone accessories. This is true for all the brand’s line of products. From smartwatch to power banks, speaker, and down to FreePods.

oraimo continues to solve the problem of access to durable smart electronics for users in India through its thousands of retail partners.  As oraimo continues to push its excellent service delivery beyond the envelope, it’s customers will only continue to enjoy smart electronics delivered at best.

This impressive pair of  FreePods 3 is available to customer at the best price of INR 2450/

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