One million Ericsson 5G products made at Tczew factory in Poland

5G Network

Ericsson has produced one million 5G radio products at the Flex Tczew factory in Poland. These “Made in Poland” products are at the heart of the fifth-generation networks being built in Poland and other European countries.

The main products manufactured in the Tczew factory are basebands and radio modules, which combine to form the 5G base station. The radio module is responsible for modulating the radio signal, which is sent to the antenna to transmit and receive radio waves. RAN Compute, Ericsson’s baseband solution, is connected to the radio module over fiber optic and is responsible for data processing in the base station.

In April this year, Ericsson will also start production of the latest generation of radio, the dual-band Radio 4490, which consumes 25% less power and is lighter than the current product.

“Nearly three years ago we decided to expand the production of 5G radios with our production partner Flex in their Tczew factory. Today we have reached a significant milestone with the millionth 5G radio product rolling off the production line” says Martin Mellor, Head of Ericsson in Poland. “This is a proud moment for us, and I would like to thank our hardworking team and our partner Flex for making it happen. In a very short time Tczew has become one of the company’s main production operations, supporting our customers with 5G network rollouts across Europe.”

“Achieving this milestone in Tczew is a testament to Ericsson’s and Flex’s mutual commitment to delivering a high quality and reliable next generation mobile network. We appreciate the trust Ericsson has placed in Flex, our advanced manufacturing capabilities, and the technical expertise of our talented team in Poland for 20 years. Together, we have delivered telecommunications network equipment purpose-fit for each mobile network generation— continuing our journey to unleash the promise of 5G,” says Stanisław Motylski, General Manager of Flex’s factory in Tczew.

“Made in Poland” also signifies Ericsson commitment to the scientific and research development in Poland. The Ericsson R&D Center in Kraków and Łódź has 1,800 employees. It is the company’s second largest R&D center in Europe after Sweden. Ericsson Poland is currently expanding and looking for new employees with the goal of hiring 350 people within a year. Engineers in Poland work with major clients around the world, creating software that enables mobile communication on multiple continents.

Ericsson is pursuing a strategy of a global, sustainable, and flexible supply chain, working close to customers through its European, Asian, and American operations, to respond quickly to market and customer needs. Ericsson’s distributed supply chains and factories around the world meet the needs of local customers on different continents, ensuring efficient deliveries and a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Ericsson’s main production operations are in the US, Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Poland, Romania, and Estonia. Estonia and Poland are Ericsson’s major supply facilities to deliver 5G in Europe.

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