IceWarp Empowers the Health and Pharma Industry with its Secure, All-In-One, and Flexible Solution

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IceWarp, a leading Email and Collaboration Company has onboarded some of the top pharma and healthcare companies by providing the brands with a clear TCO helping them save costs as well as the comfort of a Secure Email solution for thousands of their work-force. Today, IceWarp is clearly holding a big market share in the Pharma and Healthcare Industry.

Recently, IceWarp has intensified its focus on the Pharma and Healthcare sector as the cloud-based Business Email and Collaboration Suite. The software company aims to optimally deploy the secure, innovative, and integrating features of the solution to help the industry achieve its goals with a more cost-effective solution.

In their efforts to overcome the challenges of the pharma industry, IceWarp has empowered many companies to avoid cyber risk by providing Enterprise Email solutions hosted on their Cloud at a local data centre. The ABM approach combined with the expertise gained over the years while enabling the healthcare sector workforce allowed the IceWarp team to onboard a majority of the leading pharma/healthcare companies as users of IceWarp’s e-mailing ecosystem.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most sensitive and knowledge-oriented industries in the world. The significance of the security, trustworthiness, and ease-of-use of any solutions deployed for the brands from the vertical becomes crucial. IceWarp is known to deliver seamless and secure communication solutions which is cost-effective. It has evidently helped several healthcare companies to guard against malware attacks powered by CISCO antivirus and anti-spam software along with 2-factor authentication. Along with that, IceWarp has also understood the email requirements and analysed the user-pattern for each level and department, enabling them to provide hybrid and highly customized solutions that exist effortlessly in the company’s IT eco-system. Some of the trusted clients of IceWarp include Sun Pharma, Alkem Laboratories, Unichem Laboratories, Cadila Healthcare, Cachet Pharmaceuticals, Akumentis Healthcare, and many more.

While speaking about the growth of IceWarp in Indian pharma and healthcare market, Mr. Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East, said “As a brand that thrives to extend affordable, seamlessly integrated, secure and an All-in-One Emailing solution to businesses of all sizes, we sure are glad to have helped a majority of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in India with our hybrid-deployments and we help them save TCO with our Pay for what you use model. Our experience and understanding of the industry domain and their needs suggests that adopting IceWarp’s solution can add value to the healthcare sector’s existing infrastructure by realizing the advantages of the security parameters in real-time, that were not easily accessible to implement earlier as well as prove to be an indirect economic aid with our hybrid deployment’s cost-effective nature.”

 IceWarp, a one-window-for-all collaborative Email Suite delivers innovative communication tools in a cost-effective yet secured way. With its secured solution, it helps to avoid cyber risks, secure confidential & sensitive data, and manage domains to avoid email spoofing and malware attacks. Moreover, our solution is powered by CISCO Antivirus & anti-spam, and 2-factor authentication, making it highly trustworthy among the sector. Their unique ‘Hybrid Deployment’ combines IceWarp with any email server the brand currently uses and runs it side by side, on one domain, acting as one, looking as one for everyone outside of the company. The robust platform offers a leading edge to Pharma & Healthcare sector.

Besides authenticated security, IceWarp also provides all-in-one solution like Cloud based Email, cloud storage, online documents, real-time collaboration, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Team Chat, File Sharing, Desktop Apps, and Conferences.

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