Ericsson Drives Private 5G Momentum in 2022 with Booming Global Customer Deployments and Industry Recognition

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Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has been addressing industrial digitalization with secure 4G and 5G private networks since the start of Ericsson Private Networks in 2017 and launch of Ericsson Private 5G in June 2021. Today global customers across multiple verticals have deployed private 4G and 5G networks enabling multiple innovative use cases driving automation, data analytics, and worker safety.

  • Major recent enterprise deployments, partnerships and reseller agreements include:
  • October 2022: Ericsson announced a commercial Ericsson Private 5G deployment in Sweden with X Shore, an electric boat manufacturer. Using Ericsson Private 5G, X Shore will achieve more efficient and flexible production processes while supporting its sustainability agenda.
  • October 2022: Ericsson announced a 5G Standalone (SA) deal with Entel, which is expected to revolutionize 5G networks in Chile and accelerate the nation’s digitalization journey. With this agreement, Entel Corp will integrate Ericsson Private 5Ginto its offering, and partner with Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver it.
  • October 2022: Ericsson announced that Becker Mining Systems AG signed a multi-country reselling agreement with Ericsson to sell and deliver Ericsson Private 5G and Ericsson Private Networks to transform the mining industry.
  • September 2022: Ericsson announced a partnership with Nestlé to deploy its first private 5G network in a Latin American factory. Using Ericsson Private 5G, Nestlé is achieving its Industry 4.0 aspirations to move from an automated to an autonomous factory.
  • May 2022: Ericsson, in partnership with BT, announced a second major contract for a European port to deploy a private 4G/5G network in the U.K.’s Port of Tyne.

Recent industry recognition include:

  • October 2022: Ericsson received recognition as the leading private networking provider from analyst firm Kaleido Intelligence in its Connectivity Vendor Hub: Private Networks 2022 research report. Assessed amongst 38 leading private LTE/5G vendors, Ericsson ranked as the number one private networks solution provider, heralded for its support of 4G and 5G technology across all deployments, and its powerful combination of pre-integrated hardware and software.
  • October 2022: Ericsson received recognition as the Gulf Region 5G Innovator of the Year at the Technology Leadership Awards 2022. The award endorsed Ericsson’s position as the 5G market leader, forerunner in mobile connectivity solutions for telecommunications and industries, and its role in driving digitalization across various continents.

Thomas Noren, Head of Dedicated Networks, Ericsson says: “Ericsson Private 5G is the future of enterprise and industrial private networks. Ericsson’s private network momentum will continue in the coming years as more organizations seek our leading technology to take the next step toward digital transformation and Industry 4.0.”

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