Ericsson celebrates the millionth 5G radio produced in Poland exclusively for Telia

5G Network

The millionth radio from Ericsson is a cutting-edge 5G Massive MIMO radio, known as antenna-integrated radio (AIR) solution, specifically an AIR 3278. It consumes less energy and boasts a smaller and lighter design compared to previous generations, while also offering larger bandwidth and higher capacity. AIR 3278 features an impressive Massive MIMO configuration with 32 transmit and 32 receive antennas integrated into a single radio unit. Ericsson remains committed to further reducing the size and energy consumption of its 5G radio products, while also developing new technologies for energy-efficient installation.

Ericsson and Telia have been delivering secure, fast and reliable wireless network coverage to the Nordics – and beyond – since the dawn of the mobile era. Since laying the foundation for mobile communication across the globe more than forty years ago, billions of people worldwide now rely on the Ericsson and Telia innovation. The production of the millionth 5G radio is a significant milestone in the long-standing partnership, which was celebrated by the President and CEO of Ericsson, Börje Ekholm and Allison Kirkby, President and CEO, Telia Company with the signing of the radio in Kista, Ericsson’s headquarters in Stockholm, earlier this year.

Ericsson is providing Telia with all their 5G sites in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Lithuania, bringing in with the collaboration unparalleled benefits and best 5G experiences to Telia’s subscribers and enterprise customers. 5G is a catalyst for digital transformation, enabling new use cases and redefining the future of home and workplace with innovation, sustainability, and security at its core.

Rainer Deutschmann, Group COO, Telia Company, says: “Telia and Ericsson’s partnership has constantly pushed the boundaries of technology and transformed Nordics and the Baltics into the world’s most connected region. With 5G we reinvent digital customer experiences and unleash innovation and creativity for our customers.”

Daniel Ode, Acting Head of Customer Unit Northern & Central Europe, at Ericsson says: “During the past two years sustainability has become a higher priority, especially when the electricity prices increased dramatically. One of the main focuses today when developing the radios is to reduce the size, that in turn reduces the energy consumption. Together with Telia, we continue paving the way to a sustainable future with 5G.”

The Flex factory in Tczew, Poland is one of the main European facilities for Ericsson’s 5G radio production. It produces the bulk of the volumes going to Telia´s network. The facility is a strategic part of Ericsson’s global supply chain, where the company is working close to its customers through European operations. With Ericsson equipment, Telia can provide the best 5G network experience for their subscribers.

Ericsson has a global and flexible supply chain, working close to customers through its European, Asian and American operations to respond quickly to market and customer needs. The company has global production footprint with presence in most continents, with main production operations in the US, Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Poland, Romania, Estonia, and Malaysia (from the third quarter of 2022). Estonia and Poland are major supply facilities to deliver 5G in Europe and Brazil in Latin America.

Ericsson and Telia will continue driving new innovations together within 5G. Earlier this year, the two companies joined forces and launched their new 5G innovation program NorthStar for industrial enterprises. The NorthStar program aims to speed up the adoption and transformation of industries with 5G, by developing and implementing new digital solutions. Telia and Ericsson also switched on a private 5G network in Tallinn in early May 2023 as part of their 5G collaboration.

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