Ericsson Transport and 5G Core portfolios: compliance with global network security standards reaffirmed


Ericsson’s dedication to maintaining the highest network security standards for its Transport and 5G Core network products has been reinforced by the results of the latest Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS) and Security Assurance Scheme (SCAS) evaluations.

The recent NESAS and SCAS audits of Ericsson’s Transport portfolio featuring products such as the MINI-LINK 6000, Router 6000, and Fronthaul 6000 series proved highly successful, with all components achieving the stringent security levels required in independent testing. The successful audit results mean that Ericsson is security-compliant across its entire RAN and Transport portfolios.

The NESAS audit also confirmed conformance to its standards for the products within Ericsson’s Packet Core, Communication Services, Network Management, and Cloud and Common product lines in its Core networks portfolio.

Mika Heikkinen, Head of Product line Transport, Ericsson Networks, says: “We have always been confident that the security of our products is of a very high standard, and the results of these tests confirm that. This means customers and subscribers can feel assured that our products are designed, produced and operated with the highest levels of security in mind.”

The Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) NESAS program improves and upgrades network equipment security levels and standards across the mobile industry.

NESAS defines an assessment framework for the secure development and lifecycle management of products, as well as creating security test cases for the evaluation of network equipment, providing one universal and global security assurance framework to increase confidence and trust in mobile network equipment.

The SCAS security assurance evaluation is an objective assessment of the security levels of network products, offering customers and subscribers confidence that network platforms conform to security standards. Ericsson successfully completed the evaluation for key 5G products in October 2022.

SCAS evaluates the product against the standardized list of test cases, while NESAS audits document the adherence to a set of process requirements. Both activities are carried out by independent auditors.

Ericsson has long contributed to safeguarding the integrity and resilience of network infrastructure through a comprehensive approach, strictly adhering to rigorous global security standards.

 The rollout of 5G networks is creating a huge socioeconomic impact and network security is today one of the most critical factors for communications service providers, enterprises, and national governments. In such a scenario, NESAS and SCAS compliance ensures the trustworthiness of Ericsson’s mobile technologies and security assurance frameworks and will continue to serve as a guarantee of the reliability and quality of Ericsson network equipment.

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