Unlockar: Good option for Lock Screen app fans

Unlockar is an android app that turns a monotonous smart-phone lock screen into a source of unlimited infotainment that rewards every time the phone is unlocked. The users are offered an opportunity to get rewarded while doing something they anyways do – i.e. use their phone, and an avenue for them to spend their earnings in the real world buying useful products and services.


The creators of the App say “Unlockar represents the next step in the evolution of the country’s e-commerce scenario – It’s about creating an entire ecosystem, which starts from an action as simple as a swipe to unlock the phone and somewhere along the process rewards the user by providing valuable products and services. Such an ecosystem can be self-sustaining only if it offers a proposition where all the stakeholders have something to gain


Here are some screenshots





My Review: 

The App is good if you are a fan of lock screen apps. They even give you cash for using it. While I tested it, I found that it required very small amount of memory to install and run. Yes, there are data and processor overheads, but I am guessing that if you are a fan of the lock screen apps, you don’t worry much about that. The support for local languages like Hindi is pretty good. This is an app that the lock screen fans will find very useful.

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