SanDisk Launches High Capacity iNAND 7232

SanDisk iNAND 7232

SanDisk, a global leader in flash storage solutions, today introduced the iNAND® 7232 storage solution, a new, advanced embedded flash drive (EFD)  to deliver best-in-class imaging performance and superior storage capacity in flagship mobile devices.

SanDisk iNAND 7232


Available in capacities up to 128GB1, the iNAND 7232 storage solution enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to introduce smartphones, tablets and other connected devices that feature ample storage to meet the needs of increasing consumer content while providing data-rich application experiences and next-generation digital photography capabilities.

“From North America to China, consumers are demanding higher and higher capacity storage,” said Vivek Tyagi, Director- Business Develoment & Sales, SanDisk India- Enterprise & OEM Sales. “Our iNAND 7232 storage solution not only enables mobile OEMs to cost-effectively deliver the robust storage mobile users want, it is also our most advanced embedded storage solution to date. It leverages new, innovative application-level storage architecture and SanDisk’s latest 15 nanometer flash storage technology to enable outstanding application experiences, terrific 4K Ultra HD video capture and digital photography experiences never before possible in flagship smartphones.”

“Smartphone and tablet users are maturing in how they use their devices. Therefore their expectations when purchasing a new smart device have also significantly risen. This puts immense pressure on mobile OEMs who must balance the need to innovate against managing their investments in order to deliver flagship devices at attractive price-points in a highly competitive market. This is particularly true in China and other high-growth markets,” said Neil Shah, research director, Devices & Ecosystems, at Counterpoint Research. “SanDisk’s iNAND 7232 EFD is the ideal solution to address this need as it enables OEMs to deliver what consumers want most outside of form factor: reliable high capacity, exceptional digital photography capabilities and great application experiences.”

Enabling Next Generation Mobile Experiences

The combination of iNAND 7232’s advanced application architecture and innovative storage technology both enhances popular current mobile photography capabilities and allows for breakthrough application experiences.

The iNAND 7232 storage solution features SanDisk’s second-generation SmartSLC technology, an innovative new storage architecture that quickly and intelligently responds on demand to mobile users’ changing needs. iNAND 7232 is SanDisk’s fastest embedded flash storage device to date. It boasts sequential write speeds of up to 150MB/s2, or 1.2 gigabit (Gb),  a 25 percent increase from the previous generation product3. The sequential write speed can further increase in the intelligent iNAND 7232 storage solution beyond that when application performance demands it. This helps to provide fast, responsive mobile device experiences, including easy 4K Ultra HD video capture, quick downloading via 802.11ac/802.11ad and RAW photography capture even under low-light conditions. It also enhances the performance of multi-camera and depth-sensors, such as 3D, virtual reality and more.

The iNAND 7232 storage solution is built on the e.MMC 5.1+ HS400 specification, which includes Command Queue functionality. This further enhances random read speed, which results in faster responsiveness in data-intensive applications.

Advanced Memory-Level Technology

iNAND 7232 is built on SanDisk’s 15-nanometer (nm) 3-bit-per-cell (X3) NAND flash storage, the most advanced NAND flash process node in the world.


Samples of the iNAND 7232 storage solution are currently available to customers in capacities of 32GB to 128GB.

Specific features and specifications include:

  • Latest e.MMC Specification: Built on the e.MMC 5.1+ HS400 specification, which features Command Queue
  • Designed for the Latest Wi-Fi Standards: Fast transfer speed to support gigabit wireless performance; 802.11ad ready; supports 802.11ac two-by-two rates
  • Significantly Enhanced Speed Over Previous Generation: Sequential read speeds up to 280 MB/s; sequential write speeds up to 150 MB/s2
  • Incredibly Thin Form Factor Enables Integration In Slim Host Devices: Available in packages just 11.5mm4 x 13mm in size and as thin as 0.9 mm
  • Easily Integrated and Optimized to Support Fast Mobile Device Product Development Lifecycles: The iNAND 7232 storage solution is supported by advanced simulation, trouble-shooting and engineering tools that enable mobile manufacturers to quickly and easily integrate the device into mobile device designs. This offers the potential to significantly reduce the time from product development to product availability.

 SanDisk at Mobile World Congress Shanghai

SanDisk also announced separately today that it has shipped more than two billion microSD™ cards since it started commercial shipment of the technology ten years ago. Invented by SanDisk in 2004, the microSD format was initially known as TransFlash™. In 2005, SanDisk contributed the technology to the SD Card Association who renamed and released the final specifications for the microSD format on July 13, 2005. This format has become the most popular removable memory card in SanDisk’s history. Collectively, SanDisk’s two billion microSD cards could store an estimated 11,103 billion megabytes (MB) worth of memory – the equivalent of more than 100MB of flash storage for every man, woman and child that ever lived on Earth.

SanDisk will be displaying its complete line of embedded and removable mobile memory solutions, including the new iNAND 7232 storage solution, in the company’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 booth (Hall 5, Booth #W5 G.90).

 About the iNAND Family of Products

SanDisk iNAND storage solutions have made incredible mobile experiences possible on hundreds of millions of devices. The SanDisk iNAND product family offers an embedded storage solution for every performance segment and comes in capacities from 4GB to 128GB. The SanDisk iNAND EFD product family includes iNAND 7132, iNAND 7232, iNAND 3120, iNAND 5020/5130, and iNAND 7030 EFDs. SanDisk’s iNAND storage solutions, available in EFD and MCP (Multi-Chip Package) forms, provide tablets, smartphones, e-Book readers, personal media players, personal navigation devices and other connected smart devices with fast system responsiveness, improved multitasking and browsing performance, long battery life and an enhanced user experience.

SanDisk works with all major smartphone and tablet manufacturers worldwide. SanDisk optimizes its iNAND portfolio of solutions to seamlessly work with industry-leading application processors to enhance performance in Android™, Chrome and Windows® based smartphones, tablets and connected devices.

 About SanDisk

SanDisk Corporation, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, is a global leader in flash storage solutions. For more than 25 years, SanDisk has expanded the possibilities of storage, providing trusted and innovative products that have transformed the electronics industry. Today, SanDisk’s quality, state-of-the-art solutions are at the heart of many of the world’s largest data centers, and embedded in advanced smartphones, tablets and PCs. SanDisk’s consumer products are available at hundreds of thousands of retail stores worldwide. For more information, visit

1 – 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less.

2 – 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes application.

3 – Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon drive capacity, host device, file attributes, OS and

4 – MM = Millimeters

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