n-gage says Happy Diwali with stickers

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n-gage, a creative 360 degree lifestyle chat-app introduced a range of n-cards, n-stickers and doodle plus to celebrate Diwali. With a variety of n-stickers and n-cards to choose from, messages can be personalised in various ways to allows users to express exactly what is on their mind and enhance the experience of celebrating Diwali.

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“Diwali is a special occasion and one that is dear to everyone – it brings with it a season of celebration.  The occasion gives people the chance to exchange token of love, affection and appreciation. With n-gage, we have created several personalised ways to chat with family and friends adding emotions when chatting with them”, says Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage.

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Keeping in mind the need to share wishes with many friends in a personalised manner, users can greet their loved ones by sending personalised n-cards and n-stickers with a text, image or audio not only to an n-gage contact but also across other social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, SMS etc.  Users get to choose from an assortment of colour palette to handwrite, draw, sketch, add accessories and a lot more to their chats with Doodle Plus.

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Reflecting India’s vibrant culture, n-gage enables rich communication in over 45 languages through its ‘Translate’ feature. The app instantly translates all incoming and outgoing messages to the preferred language of choice eliminating language barriers and allowing users to stay in touch with their close ones.

n-gage aims to change the way people communicate by providing features which enrich their messages to friends and family. n-gage is available for use on Android, iOS, PC and tablet.


About n-gage (www.n-gage.com):

n-gage, a 360 degree lifestyle chat-app is recently launched in India by Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage. India is the first market for n-gage, a single app with features and functions that aim to change the way people communicate. It is the world’s first app that enables users with or without a Smartphone to make 1 to 1 or group video calls and send rich personalised messages across other social media and messaging apps.


Unlike like other similar apps, as soon as the user joins, they can start sending rich personalised messages and have video calls with family and friends who do not have n-gage. Through features like n-Stickers, n-Cards, Chat Makeovers and more, users will be able to enhance their messages with rich personalisation. n-gage doesn’t stop here; it enables chats to stay private, with the app offering an expansive range of privacy features to suit individual’s needs. With features like ‘Schedule’, users will never miss out on an occasion or event. n-gage contains unique features like ‘Know’, which enables one to improve knowledge on lifestyle and health.


n-gage enables its users to connect with family and friends from around the world in over 45 languages. Users can share messages, doodles, and attachments on various other social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Emails and SMS, without requiring the other person to download the app. Also unlike other group chats, with n-gage users can create groups with up to 300 participants from their contact lists to enjoy multiple conversations under one group. With this, n-gage users can share multimedia files and even exit several group conversations without leaving the group.

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