LeEco Super3 X55 Review: Too Good To Miss

LeEco X3-55

LeEco has had disruption at the heart of their strategy in India and have succeeded in pulling it off with their mobile devices here. So when I heard that they are launching their Smart TVs here, I was stoked. And after having used the Super 3 X55 Smart TV for a while now, I am very sure that they are going to disrupt this device segment also significantly. Here’s my review of this Smart TV.

LeEco X3-55


LeEco, which entered the Indian smartphone market earlier this year, is riding high after the massive success of its Superphones. It also recently launched its own e-commerce marketplace LeMall which has received encouraging responses from consumers. With the launch of Super TVs, LeEco has brought together key elements of its ecosystem model in India, including devices, content, applications and platform. So the TV is a natural progression in the ecosystem model and a vital part of it.

The TV looks like a dream and performs like Virat Kohli! The design screams premium quality. The bezel is very thin. The full extent of the crafting can be appreciated when you see that even the table stand is designed with curves that will put art displays in studios to shame! The screen itself is bordered by aluminum, and is incredibly thin.  The rear of the TV is also neat and clean without any major shifts from the simply superb curves and straight lines that are a hallmark of this series of TVs.  But then, let me assure you that beyond the very obvious good looks, this TV is a great performer and comes with a bevy of features that will make you very happy.

MAX3 55

Here are the key specifications of the device. It runs Android 5.0 Lollipop with EUI 5.8 TV skin that is proprietary to LeEco, the display is 55-inch supports 4K (3840×2160 pixels) resolution, on the connectivity front it supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are a plenty of sockets to connect anything you want to this device-  3 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, SD card slot, VGA input and Ethernet. On the sound/audio front, it supports Dolby Audio and DTS Premium Sound.

TV Screenshot

The interface is one of the best things about this thoughtfully designed device. The experience is just exactly similar to the smooth and clean flow that you get on the LeEco mobile devices, the enhancements to customize it to TVs make it even better. The tabs on the top of the screen let you easily shift between the Live content that LeEco ha set up with it’s partners like EROS Now, your AV input, or the android apps that you can install on the TV. There are a lot of very granular and exhaustive options that can make your whole viewing experience extremely personalized.

LeEco Popup

There is a “Le” button on the remote that brings up the virtual “desktop” where you can set up 7 of your most used shortcuts for easy access. This makes things very smooth in the long run for folks like me who watch a lot of TV. The TVs remote has a very solid feeling to it, and is accented by metal. The remote has a microphone for voice operation of the television (only available in Mandarin at the moment), and an accelerometer to control an on-screen mouse through wrist motions. When you point it at areas where text input is needed, a keyboard pops up. This was mighty convenient.

Pic credit : http://awhite.us/

The multitude of options to connect the TV to and the fact that it can connect via Wi-Fi to the internet opens up infinite possibilities and endless fun hours with the family. My kid quite literally fought with me for the remote daily.

TV Back
Pic Credit: http://awhite.us

I tried all kinds of files on the device, it supports all popular formats and every one of them was supported and played smoothly. There really is nothing much to complain about in this TV. After the TV came to me for review, I realized how little HD content and absolutely zero 4K  content we have here in India. 4k is awesome, it’s the future, and it’s good to be ready now! That’s seems to be the word going around. And to be honest, 4k really is that good and more, very certainly this TV can demonstrate that. The colors are crisp, the brightness is great, even 1080p content looks stunning. The X3-55 features a 55″ 4k IPS LED panel from LG. It has a 3840×2160 pixel resolution, with a 120Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. The 120Hz refresh rate is almost unheard of for such a low price point. In simple words, after using this TV, you will feel bad to move back to your old TV, I can guarantee that for you. I did!


The audio is impressive and with the right settings and right files, you really feel like you are in a movie hall. I went through my entire Marvel movies collection and was very very happy with it in terms of spatial distribution of sound and the surround effect. Nearly perfect.


The Super3 X55 – 139.7 cm (55) can be yours for a price of Rs 59,790 if you are looking for a TV that can serve as your family entertainment hub and give you a near movie hall type experience, look no further.Look at devices for equivalent or similar price and you will see that there is no competition at all. Close your eyes and go buy it! Having said that, I am in tears as the review is done and I have to return this device now!



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