nubia To Bring In A New Era of Smartphone Interaction in India?


As per reports, nubia is entering solo without the tag and support of ZTE a move which has been adopted by the brand in a couple of other countries. Technology makes art possible, but dedication creates professionals. nubia, is rumoured to launch of their exquisitely designed and innovative handsets sometime soon in India and they will open up a new era of smartphone interaction with their patented Frame interactive Technology (FiT). The next big thing which nubia is planning to introduce in the fast-growing Indian smartphone market. Now nubia is looking to redefine the art of mobile photography to the Indian consumers.


Taking cues from their previous big ticket launches, nubia has been focused on the next big ticket breakthrough. The DSLR-like photography system Neovision 6.0 subverts your imagination and transcends it. nubia is riding on a range of core patented technologies such as separate light metering, separate focus, and independent white balance, nubia is the first in the world to integrate state-of-the-art smartphone photo shooting functions including the electronic aperture, slow shutter, and live bulb exposure, and boasts fool proof camera operations like one-click star trail shooting and light painting.

nubia offers more professional photographic functions to the consumers. With Fun mode enabled, multiple shooting modes are available for different scenarios and objects. Consumers can use the star trail mode or nebula mode to shoot stars, and use the super night scene mode to shoot the bustling night. Electronic aperture lenses were once seen only in digital cameras. Nubia smartphones are installed with a fixed-aperture lens, which means that whatever users shoot, the aperture is set to a fixed value. As a result, when they shoot a scene in excessively bright light, the fixed-aperture lens leads to too much incidental light, and everything is completely overexposed and whitewashed. Equipped with an electronic aperture lens, nubia can avoid overexposure, and take silky-smooth waterfall photos.


nubia’s FiT is a revolutionary smartphone interactive technology that represents the latest innovation of a user-centric brand. This innovative technology redefines user interaction and allows them to reimagine the way they control mobile devices, bringing endless interactive freedom.

nubia will offer a completely different way for users to manage their mobiles. It will support single-handed use. With two consecutive, rapid clenches on the phone users can either take a screenshot or activate one-handed mode. One simple clench will directly unlock the screen. Gesture memory makes it possible for users to customize their own holding gestures, transforming user habits into new interactive modes.

cristiano ronaldo nubia

As per few international sources, it has been known that the Portuguese football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo has become the face of the brand globally.  While nubia was making the announcement, Ronaldo was making an entrance himself on his new Weibo account, stating that hopefully he will get closer with all his fans in China. Of course, the post was made using a nubia smartphone.

About nubia:

nubia, officially launched on October 31, 2012, is a high-end smartphone brand. Operated by an independent team of a subsidiary, featuring DSLR-quality photographic capabilities, and supporting all radio network systems, nubia aspires to provide consumers with personalized products, chic lifestyle, and superb user experience.

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