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Stress, mental disorders, workspace issues and many other things like them are sad offshoots of the highly tech enabled and fast lives that we lead today. The biggest issue that we all face when we hear on of our own has one of these issues is the lack of options to go to and seek counsel. The right advice that the right time is key to starting the right way to heal. There is now an app that can solve this for us

If you are looking for smartphone APP which can help you in dealing with stress, workplace issues, relationship problems and want to speak and vent to someone who can listen and not get judged but without identifying yourself, then the wait is over, as new emotional wellness app zyego has been launched in the market. The App has synced the power of human touch with technology to lend an ear and compassion for those quietly suffering from emotional and mental health issues. The people who are facing tough situations in life can reach out to the team of zyego anonymously at just the click of a button. zyego team can in-turn lends an ear & compassion for those facing challenges in life.

The app zyego works in the same way as whatsapp. Users can call or chat with our psychologists anonymously from anywhere in India on a real time basis. Users download the app from the Google playstore or Apple app store. There is free 30 min therapy time available to all users to begin with. Post, that users pay for the service and buy minutes using the payment gateway in the app. The cost for the service is Rs 10 per min

According to Arindam Sen, Founder of zyego APP, “The focus of the app is anonymity and instant access to our team of psychologist & counselors, where users can interact with them to discuss their emotional issues without being judged, as this is their main concern. Once the user downloads the app, they can directly access our team with fees starting at Rs 300 a session. College students of 18 years and above can connect at discounted rates. We offer both individual and institutional subscription plans. Benefit to the user: Users can connect with our team of experts from anywhere in India, from the comfort of their homes, from a café, or a cab ride or just about anywhere with good mobile and data connectivity. There is no need to take appointments  before consulting as the whole idea is to get access to a support system as fast as possible.”

Founded in the year 2016 by Arindam Sen,  the company aims to reach those having emotional and psychological issues and is in a state of distress. Nita DuttaRoy heads operations and Neeraj Sehgal looks after partnerships.  Trained psychologists with Masters, MPhil and Phd in psychology for therapy, workshops and other activities bolster the company.

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