OnePlus 5T First Impressions: Return Of The Jedi

OnePlus 5T Rear View

OnePlus is back with their now regular “T”update to the OnePlus 5 – The OnePlus 5T. The phone is an upgrade that focuses on improving the overall experience for the OnePlus 5. We spent some time with this highly anticipated device and here are our first impressions of this powerful high end phone from OnePlus

OnePlus has always been delivering phones that offer top notch performance, great hardware and smooth experience. They have been moving from strength to strength after the OnePlus 3 and the user response has been phenomenal. They are very firmly on the top in India in the premium handsets segment and with good reason. The brand has been consistently delivering phones that have performed like flagships and kept going over time.

The OnePlus 5T is a mid-cycle update to their bestselling OnePlus 5 that brought on their foray into the dual camera segment. They went with the current best processor and had ample memory and storage options. So how do you top that with an update? Worry not! OnePlus has you covered there.

OnePlus 5T Dual camera

With the OnePlus 5T, they have managed to fit in a 18:9 screen within a frame that is almost the same as the OnePlus 5, the result is the almost bezel-less phone.  They have had to move the  fingerprint scanner to the back to fit in the larger screen and do away with their customary navigation buttons, and this has been managed very well. When we unboxed the phone and switched it on, we were very impressed with the screen. While everyone has written about this, we should tell you that the screen makes a big difference to the overall experience. From reading text, to websites to videos the screen just takes it to the next level. Stands you in solid stead if you are a gaming enthusiast too. The OnePlus 5T marks the introduction of the Full Optic AMOLED Display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, to deliver a more immersive viewing experience, all while keeping a form factor similar to that of the OnePlus 5, thanks to the OnePlus 5T’s 80.5% screen to body ratio.

OnePlus 5T in the hand

They have had to make the frame taller to fit in the screen, but that has not affected the overall usability and grip of the device. Still feels nice and comfy to grip and use.

The seamless aluminum unibody of the OnePlus 5T is both functionally and visually slim, creating a phone that is not only comfortable to hold but exceedingly durable. Designed with a painstaking attention to detail, the OnePlus 5T continues OnePlus design’s proud tradition of refinement and total cohesion. Rounded corners and edges are balanced against sharp lines to create a sleek appearance and comfortable grip. The Horizon Line, a hallmark of OnePlus flagship devices, divides the body of the OnePlus 5T with a continuous hard line around the edge of the phone. We will tell you more about this is the full review.

The OnePlus 5T comes with key improvements that will enhance camera performance in low-light and clarity. The OnePlus 5T features the same main camera as that of the OnePlus 5, but  they have now swapped the OnePlus 5’s telephoto lens with a secondary camera, equipped with a large f/1.7 aperture that focuses on low-light photography.  We look forward to putting this to the full test in the days to come and tell you about the photography and camera in the full review that is coming soon.

In addition to  the really fast fingerprint sensor, which unlocks the OnePlus 5T in under 0.2 seconds, the company has developed Face Unlock, allowing users to unlock their phone just by looking at their device. When we took the phone out of the box, this feature was surprisingly easy to setup and so far has been working fine to unlock the phone for us. We intend to test this out fully and report back to you in the full review that is coming soon.

Apart from all this, the usual OnePlus strong points of the alert slider, dash charge, good battery management, crisp Oxygen OS experience are all part of the deal. We are also very impressed to see OnePlus totally owning and rocking the camera bump on the back. The design is around it and does not make it look garish. The design department needs to be lauded here.  It looks like it’s going to be a fun ride reviewing this one.

In summary – The OnePlus 5T is in many ways the Return of The Jedi in the premium segment! More in the full review! May the force be with you!

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