IBM Gets National Award For Best Employer Of People With Disabilities

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IBM has had a long standing history of being an inclusive and diverse workplace. They have had a policy momentum going for years to add people with disabilities in their workspace and actually add value to their careers. They recently got the National Award for being the Best Employer of People with disabilities from the Honorable President of India.

IBM is very different from other companies when it comes to being inclusive. They have a comprehensive and whole approach to it and it has been a process that has evolved over time to become mature and effective. It starts with the sensitization of the entire workforce to be understanding and appraised of the needs of PwDs. The process actually gives them clearly productive jobs that are actually coming with proper career progression options. The jobs that the PwDs get are not token jobs in any sense.

Here are the highlights of the IBM movement to employ people with disabilities

Recruitment of persons with disabilities is a business imperative for IBM, it is beyond a CSR or HR agenda.

All roles and positions are available for candidates with disabilities. Our employees with disabilities are predominantly employed in technical roles which are contributing to the core of the business (and only a small fraction are in support and administrative function). Almost a third of our employees with disabilities are in mid to senior level positions, with project management and people management responsibilities.

All these roles are complete with Career development, learning, mentoring opportunities. There is a sustained Employee engagement through the EnAblers business resource group within the company.

Accessibility and barrier free environment (accessibility includes electronic – IBM has developed standards and tools in this space –

The company actually provides reasonable accommodations and benefits such as transportation assistance. Innovations that empower and assist people with disabilities and the aging population –

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