OnePlus 6 Red Edition: Classy New Shade To The Speed You Need

OnePlus 6 has been the most successful OnePlus phone to date and the company has sold more than a million units of this popular device. One of the key aspects to the success of the OnePlus devices has been the thoughtful addition of variants through the release cycle. In line with that strategy, the company has introduced a Red variant of the OnePlus 6. Let us talk about this device today

One look at the Red OnePlus 6 and it is very evident that a lot of thought has gone into the crafting and materials of this phone.To capture the perfect red, OnePlus utilized a new technique utilizing optical coating, evaporative film, and six panels of glass. An added anti-reflective layer was used to allow more light to reach the bottom layers of glass before being reflected off the device, creating a sense of depth. A translucent orange layer intermixes with the red base layer to achieve a radiant glossy red, unique to OnePlus.  The result is a shade of red that is glossy and classy in the right mix. Pull the phone out and heads turn. Leave it on a table and it stands out even if there are twenty other phones on it. It is not just the coloring, a whole new shade is seen in the metallic red shimmer coupled with the red, mirror-like fingerprint sensor that elegantly contrasts with the silver camera lens accent. All this gives the phone a royal look and feel. There is a great looking red wallpaper that has been added too.

I took the Red version for a whirl and ended up getting a lot of attention from everyone in my apartment building and a couple of other places that I went to with the phone. I showed it to a lot of my son’s younger friends and they just couldn’t get enough of it. This color will definitely be a hit with them.

OnePlus 6 Red Edition Rear View

While the exterior is classy and different, the internals of the phone are the same impressive specs that the OnePlus 6 packs. The OnePlus 6 is powered by one of the most powerful processors on the market, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845, which improves performance by 30%, while being 10% more power efficient. Coupled with the Adreno 630, which is 30% faster than the previous generation, the OnePlus 6 is a powerhouse for everything from streaming HD video to playing graphically intense games.

With up to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, the OnePlus 6 effortlessly switches between multiple apps running at the same time without a single second of lag, allowing users to multitask with ease. The OnePlus 6’s dual-lane storage, based on UFS 2.1, ensures faster app loading and read/write speeds.

OnePlus 6 Red Edition Bottom

What this means to you – the user is that the device does not show even a small sign of stutter or lag anywhere and is tearing fast whatever the load you subject it to. I have personally tried throwing multi-tasking with particularly heavy processes and even hardcore games at it and the phone just gobbles everything up and asks you for more. This makes the smartphone experience with the OnePlus 6 extremely smooth and very fast.

Like its approach to hardware, OnePlus’ approach to software is centered around an experience that is refined, efficient and minimalistic. New features are vetted by OnePlus users through channels like the OxygenOS Beta Program and only added once OnePlus is confident the features can improve the way users use their phone.

OnePlus 6 Red Edition Front View

The OnePlus 6’s dual camera system features a 16MP main camera, supported by a 20MP secondary camera. With an f/1.7 aperture, the 16MP main camera has been bolstered by a 19 percent larger sensor and OIS for outstanding performance in a range of lighting conditions. With Advanced HDR, OnePlus’ improved High Dynamic Range algorithm, the OnePlus 6 brings out shadows and enhances lighting in photos.  Portrait Mode will be available on the OnePlus 6’s front camera as well as its rear. Using AI, the front camera is able to apply a depth of field effect to selfies. Newly added bokeh effects, including circles, hearts and stars offer new ways for users to customize their portraits.

The OnePlus 6 marks the introduction of OnePlus’ Slow-Motion mode, which can capture high-definition video frame-by-frame with astonishing detail, ensuring users never miss the action.

OnePlus 6 Red Edition

The enhanced bokeh mode in the rear cameras is very visible and the edges of the subject are very clearly demarcated in pictures and the blurring of the background looks very thoroughly professional. With the increase in the pixel size, OnePlus has managed to make the low light pictures look a lot better. The photos are good and the colors are rendered very crisply. Pictures taken with the HDR mode are very vivid and I now have the mode on for all my pictures.  The wonderful bonus is the fact that you can take bokeh shots with the front camera too.

The new Red edition has an amber-like effect  that has been ably supported by material design and comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. It will retail at INR 39,999 and goes on sale from 16 July 2018.

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