4 Reasons Why the Epson L4160 is ideal for families with school students


Epson has emerged as one of the biggest forces in the printing an imaging space in the recent years and that is with very good and valid reasons. The company has been moving from strength to strength and while they have a large and strong footprint in the large enterprise market, they care deeply about the SMB and home segments.

Their design and features have been very indicative of that and the user base loves them for it. The recent Epson L4160 is a big hit with parents in India. Let us take a look at the major reasons for this.

To begin with, I have been using this printer for a while and it is the primary printing and scanning tool at home. While I am happy with it as a person, as a blogger and tech commentator, I have to be impartial and get to the facts. So I put on my blogger hat and put the printer through the grind. Surprisingly, the techie me and the daddy me unanimously agree on the L4160 being a parent’s productivity enhancer of the year. Here are four good reasons why


Fast and Economical Printing

A printer is only as good as its ability to print and the cost of printing. The Epson L4160 ticks all the boxes in these two departments and actually beats the competition by a mile. The L4160 has a factory specification print speed of 13.7 ipm for black prints and 8 ipm for color. And the interesting thing is that these are the default quality prints on 10x15cm (approximately A5) pages. Judging the actual print speeds and quality at these settings provided brilliant and vivid photo quality. Printing speeds are very fast and I actually printed out tons of material in one shot. And when I turned up the print quality to maximum, at 5,760×1,440 dpi, with premium glossy photo paper. The print quality went from brilliant to amazing. Now add the cost of printing into this mix at 12 paisa for black and 20 paisa for colour and you will see why the printer is a no-brainer deal on speed and economy. The paper feed is able to hold up to 100 sheets of normal paper, and with a print speed of around 30 pages per minute in black, it’s no slouch. So, in summary, it is fast and very cost effective. No need to hover around your child counting print outs

Epson L 4160

 Thoughtful Design

Many devices exist in the current tech landscape that have the ability to help you immensely, but what sets apart a truly great device from the crowd is the way it is thought out in terms of designs and features. The Epson L4160 is an example of smart, simple and extremely practical design. It is compact and is an Ink Tank printer like the rest of the recent Epson devices. The ink tank itself is part of the device and needs no additional effort to add. The design of the ink bottles is simply clever and practical. They do not spill ink and they are smart enough to know what color is needed and when. Add that to the fact that the crafting and materials used are premium and the device has a very small physical footprint. It can sit on any table and silently do what it does. There isn’t much noise or any other disturbance. So when a child is studying and focus is the primary priority, this one steps up and delivers consistently

Low Cost of Acquisition

Given the features, design and the wide range of things that you can accomplish with the L4160, one would think that it will be upwards of Rs 20,000 in price and it is a pleasant surprise to see that the actual cost is much lower and stands at Rs 17,299. This makes it a very feasible device for middle class homes that are looking to complement the studies of their wards to help them succeed. The 20k barrier is a big psychological block in India and Epson has that covered very well. You can either get it online or just walk in to your favorite electronics stores and pick it up. Stocks are not a problem.

Nifty Additional Features

Epson has gone the whole hog and ensured that there are a lot of useful and very practical additional features in the L4160. The key ones are WiFi and WiFi Direct Support which means that multiple people at home on the same network can effortlessly print over the network. Support for Duplex printing is good when there are long reports to print out and bind. It also supports borderless printing and has a mobile app too

So overall as a parent, when you are looking to get an All-In-One printer to help your child study, you really do not have to look further than the Epson L4160.

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