Oraimo Airbuds OEB-E99D Review: High Quality True Wireless Buds That Deliver Great Sound

Oraimo Airbuds OEB-E99D

The millennials of today just don’t want to listen to music but they want music with superior auditory experience. So headsets have gone under revolutionary transitions to come up to millennial’s expectation.  The current trend is to have true wireless ear buds that deliver both freedom and sound quality. Oraimo recently launched Airbuds OEB-E99D in this sector for a great price of INR 2999/- Here is my review of this accessory

The ergonomically designed oraimo Airbuds has capabilities par excellence and elevates the auditory experience to all together new level. The cushioned ear tips and comfortable ear design along with HD quality sound makes it class apart. Oraimo Airbuds are very well engineered to deliver clear, balanced sound quality and advanced wireless connectivity to ensure true sound performance. Secure fit coupled with comfortable design and latest Bluetooth version V5.0, provides its users with hassle free crystal clear call experience. Well, to your delight, there is no risk of signal loss which makes video watching a complete treat, with proper sync of audio and video.

Oraimo Airbuds OEB-E99D

These little ear buddies feature a massive 50mAh powerful battery that delivers 6 hours of playtime, coupled with a portable charging case that boasts multiple charges that gives upto 24 hours of music playtime and 100 hours’ standby. The earbuds come with attractive portable charging case that automatically charge the earbuds on the go.  oraimo Airbuds are powered with Bluetooth version V5.0, that makes pairing faster, connections more stable and increases usable wireless range for the best wireless earphones experience.

What all the technical details above mean are that the earbuds are excellent in terms of fit in the ear and they do not give you discomfort. The battery is enough to last a while (most of a day’s requirement of music) on a single charge. They deliver great sound. They also have a nifty and good looking carrying case that doubles as a charger. In a nutshell, they have everything that young people today want from their wireless earbuds. Setting them up was a breeze and coupling them with your smartphone is also very intuitive and simple. I was up and running in exactly 7 minutes. I never felt like the buds would slip or come off in my entire usage. They are designed for fit and comfort.

Oraimo Airbuds OEB-E99D

Let us now get into to the actual review of the sound they deliver. On tracks with intense sub-bass content, the headset delivers solid bass response, and at top volumes, does not distort.  The experience is not entirely bass-forward as one would expect from gym headphones. The high-mids and highs are boosted and very well sculpted, and the deep bass is a tad bit dialed back in comparison with many other in-ear Bluetooth options. What this means is that he quality of sound is top notch and there is no distortion even at high volumes. The bass though is not really bone-pounding but deep enough. There is also noticeable and very good separation – this means that every instrument in your track is audible and crystal clear. Even for long runs and particularly prolonged use, the quality is consistent and great. I am not saying that the headset is perfect, but it is very nearly there.

This headset has very pronounced and good physical dynamic impact (kick factor/slam). With that very smooth signature you also get a longing for more depth to the response itself over time and I could see that this one delivers brilliant depth to the response.

Oraimo Airbuds OEB-E99D

I’ve found that this one remains relatively smooth up to +4dB. And that is a good thing if you want your smoothness factor.I was unable to detect any bleed into the mids and no serious problems at all when boosted. You can get a smidgen more, but not much, when EQ’ed. What that means is bass and mids are clearly differentiated and delivered. And for you, it’s like rediscovering your music library again.

When it comes to kicking back and relaxing, I generally prefer  a lilting and gentle brightness factor with some sparkle. Those are terms I use to describe sets I consider highly musical on the top end and that is what I am hearing on this set of buds. Oraimo seems to ensure that you get the tune with style and class, and the subtle flare is also impressive. With this headset, the dynamic slam is low, which then leads to the set feeling  getting more relaxed. And that is a good thing. The quality factor for the price is just impressive to say it in one word. Absolutely no complains at all. Very nearly perfect.


In my books, at INR 2999, this is a very nearly perfect set of true wireless earbuds that will not let you down.

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