Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Review: The Truly Smart And Efficient Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

Dyson makes the best designed and best engineered devices. People know that getting a Dyson device involves a premium price, but Dyson ensures that the device justifies and gives you more than the anticipated value every time. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool came to me for review and here is what I think about the device

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link purifies, heats, and cools air all in one package. The size of the device looks small but it packs a solid amount of power and can easily purify a large room and easily remove 99.97% of the pollutants and impurities, Let us now get into more details.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is a three-in-one device. This one fan will heat in winter, cool in summer and is an air purifier all-year round. With the thoughtfully built app, built-in Amazon Alexa support and superb performance, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool can easily replace the job of three products, helping justify the price.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

The Pure Hot+Cool has all the hallmarks of a Dyson product, with the very unique bladeless design that allows you to even put your arm through the entire central head. The device comes in white and silver, this is one of the best-looking purifying fans. It stands 764mm tall, with a 248 x 248mm base, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is a little taller than Dyson’s desktop models and a little shorter than the cooling-only Dyson Pure Cool Tower. As such, this model works well stood on a desk or on the floor. It looks like modern art. Dyson design department never disappoints with any device and this one too lives up to the Dyson design standards. Heads turn when people see the device on your desk, I can guarantee that. There is a strange respect that people give you when they see the device, it’s like you are suddenly royalty.

Since the Pure Hot+Cool is a product that you’ll inevitably end up having to use all year round, having the flexibility to place it where you want it is desirable, while the neat design means that it looks good out on display.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

Right out of the box, the box, there’s very little effort or work in the way of installation required. The main fan unit comes pre-assembled, so the only remaining job is to place the two-part filter in place. The inner carbon filter is for gasses, while the outer HEPA filter is built to capture small particles. Filters should last around a year, depending on use and level of pollutants in your home. Snapping them in is also relatively simple to accomplish. You are up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

As with the the other Dyson Pure Cool Tower, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool comes with an LCD panel on its front. The default display shows you a graph that tells you how clean your air is overall. For getting into more detail, you can use the remote control to cycle through the different readouts. You can see readings for PM2.5 (fine particles that can make their way into your lungs); PM10 (particles that can bring on asthma attacks and cause breathing issues); VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which are harsh chemicals that can be in anything from cleaning products to the glue used in old furniture); and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide, which is a gaseous pollutant from cars and fossil fuels that can cause respiratory problems).

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

The tower having the read-outs is useful, as you can see when readings spike and make changes accordingly. For example, if you notice that VOC readings spike when you start to use a cleaning product, you could investigate switching for a less intrusive brand. It makes your air pollution related decision making fairly simple and fast.

And to round things off, the Pure Hot+Cool can also measure temperature and humidity, so you can monitor the overall comfort of a room. Overall, this can help you plan when you need to refresh the air in the room by opening a window. For direct control, you have the choice of the remote control or connecting the fan up to the excellent Dyson Link app. As with other Dyson fans, the remote magnetically attaches to the top of the fan head. Make sure you don’t lose the remote, as the fan only has a physical power button to turn it on and off. It is thoughtful features like these that take the Dyson experience to a whole new level.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

The remote is a little more feature-packed than previous Dyson models, this one includes temperature controls, too. Once the fan hits the right temperature, it will automatically turn off Heat mode. Helps you to save electricity and you also don’t have to keep checking to turn the heating off when the required temperature is hit. Another well thought out feature here.

In my opinion, the Auto mode could be the best option for most people. This mode actually monitors pollutants and then changes fan speed automatically to clear a room, and it will adjust fan speed to hit the right temperature, too. When the air is clean and the room is at the set temperature, the fan turns off automatically. That’s pretty clever and means you can set and forget the fan. Again another clever feature that will save electricity and effort in the long run.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

If you want the purifier turned on, but are not very keen to get hit by a blast of cold or warm air, you can easily reverse the airflow using Diffused mode and direct it out of the back of the fan instead. Note that this turns off the heater and you can’t warm a room and have reversed airflow. Even so, it’s a handy mode and makes the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool suitable as a standard air purifier.

Another feature that Dyson has added very cleverly, if the fan is in Heat mode and the room is at the right temperature, the airflow is redirected automatically if the Pure Hot+Cool’s sensors detect that the air needs to be cleaned. Setting of the Oscillation is also very clever on this fan. You can set its angle (45, 90, 180 and 350 degrees). Using the app, you can select the starting point for the oscillation, which makes it really easy to cover the area you want. This feature is often lacking in other fans.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

There’s a time option, which lets you set the run-time. The timer goes up in 15-minute intervals until the hour, then hourly until a maximum of nine hours. And, there’s a Nighttime mode, which drops the brightness of the display and sets the fan speed at a maximum setting of 4. The app provides more detailed readings from the sensors and even lets you dive into the history, so you can monitor air conditions over time, too.

Amazon Alexa support is built in. Using your voice you can set the fan speed, put the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool into the Cool mode and pick a set temperature for Heat mode. Dyson has updated the skill so that you can now turn on oscillation using your voice, but I couldn’t toggle Diffused mode on or off. It’s a shame that there’s still no Google Assistant support, since the Google Home range of products has massively increased in popularity.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air purifier

One big plus of Dyson Fans is that they’re super-quiet. Measuring the Pure Hot+Cool from 1-metre away, I found that on minimum speed the fan was at 39.35dB (effectively background noise), and at maximum, the fan was just 57.6dB. This is very efficient in my books.

In Heat mode fan speeds are the same, and you always get a superb blast of hot air enveloping you. If live in an area that gets cold drafts, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool will warm you in a way a radiator can’t, making this a decent  product for many homes.


At Rs 55,900, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier is a premium device when you first think of it, but from my personal use, it has saved a lot of money for me as I don’t have to use a separate cooler, heater and another air purifier. This is the best air purifier that money can buy. The absolute best that is truly smart and efficient.

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