Poly EagleEye Mini USB Camera Review

Polycom EagleEye Mini USB Camera

Now a days everyone is  working from home and attending lots of meetings from home. There are online classes for students. For this we need a good camera so that we look good in the videos. Not any old camera will do. To experience cloud-based video meetings in a meaningful way, you need vivid colour, clear detail and the ability to detect sometimes subtle, non verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions. When people can see each other, they feel more emotionally connected and engaged. This results in reduced meeting fatigue and enhanced decision-making abilities.

Poly has come up with EagleEye Mini Usb camera for this purpose. Poly is a company which is based around communication, so it should come as no surprise that the EagleEye Mini is optimized for teleconferencing. This is a professional camera intended for conferencing with good quality video. One of the plus point of this camera is that we can mount it any where.

Here are The Specifications:

  • Integrated privacy shutter
  • Mechanically adjustable tilt
  • Plug and Play setup
  • Uncompressed local video loop back
  • Normal, full, crop video screen modes
  • Adjustable levels and frame rate
  • Anti-flicker compensation
  • 2 color/4 state status LED
  • H.264 AVC, H.264 high profile encoding
  • H.264 SVC for Skype for Business encoding
  • RGB and YUV raw video
  • 280 Mbps max transmit bitrate
  • 24-bit true color
  • Supports up to 1080p @ 30fps transmit video (H.264)
  • Multicast video streams
  • f/2.0 aperture
  • 4 mega pixel sensor
  • Vertical tilt angle adjustable from +6° (up) to –22° (down)
  • 73.7° HFoV/ 82°DFoV
  • Automatic exposure and white balance
  • Autofocus, 8cm-infinity
  • 4x electronic zoom (1.4x lossless)
  • Poly RealPresence Desktop
  • BroadSoft UC-One Communicator
  • Skype for Business (certified by Microsoft)
  • Zoom
  • USB 2.0 (UVC 1.5 and UVC 1.1 compliant)
  • 5V @ <500mA via USB port

Polycom EagleEye Mini USB Camera

Eagle Eye Mini camera comes with a comprehensive range of mounting accessories. It has a flexible mount that includes a universal threaded insert compatible with camera stands and the like. This same mount will let you attach the camera to the top of a monitor, and by snapping in the included adhesive mounting plate (bottom right) it can peek out underneath a monitor. The USB extension cable is roughly 170cm/5’7″ long.


Setting up EagleEye Mini camera is simple. We have to simply connect it to the USB port and is ready to go. It comes with flexible mounting options. We can mount it on any tripod or we can mount it on top of the monitor. For that we have a flexible piece which we can bend a little and place on top of the monitor. Some people like to connect the camera at the bottom of the monitor. We can also mount the EagleEye Mini camera at the bottom of the monitor. It also comes with a sticky pad with which we can stick it behind the monitor and keep the camera in the bottom of the PC. Another feature this camera has is the ability to mount it on the wall. It comes with two screws with which we can connect it in the wall. The camera can also be installed on Poly business phones.Polycom EagleEye Mini USB Camera


Laptop camera comes with poor low light performance. Adding a third-party webcam such as the EagleEye Mini makes you look clearer since the 4-megapixel sensor captures you in sharp high-definition. EagleEye Mini comes with 1080p HD Video output. The video is very crisp and clear. We can also zoom the video upto 4X and comes with 74 degree field of view. Even when we zoom the image is very clear. . EagleEye Mini brings forth true colour hue saturation, back light compensation, and auto focus optimized for smaller environments ensuring accurate, sharp, life-like images. EagleEye Mini supports simulcast streams so far-end participants will enjoy the highest resolution their endpoint can accommodate.Polycom EagleEye Mini USB Camera

EagleEye Mini camera is light, small, and very convenient for carrying around if you’re working remotely. If you are concerned about piracy, there is a handy shutter which you can close when you’re not using the camera.


Overall Poly EagleEye Mini USB camera is a best option for day today use. The camera is clear and crisp even when we zoom. We can also fix it anywhere and is convenient to carry as it is light weight. We liked the fact that we can close the camera shutter when we do not use the camera.

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