AMX XP60 PD Charger Review: Supercharger with Superpowers At A Super Price

amxindia XP60 PD Charger multi-device charging

AMX India is my favorite company when it comes to third party chargers. They make the best chargers that keep delivering solid power and solid performance at amazing prices. So when I got my hands on the AMX XP60 PD Charger for review, I got very excited and I must say it was justified. Here is my review of this device

This is a Premium 62W 4-Port Charger with PPS 3.0 USB-C Power Delivery Port (45W) and 3 Flash Charging Ports (17W) for all your devices. Very sturdily build and designed, I found it very convenient when I was working with multiple devices at a time. I could conveniently avoid using multiple chargers and plug everything into the XP60 and just go on. The USB Type-C to USB Type-C PD cable that I got with it is 1m long and very very convenient and reliable. I could charge a Laptop, A tablet, my mobile and still have one slot free to add my smart speaker too. This is the ultimate luxury for power users like me who are working from home. You can avoid the multiple charger mess and still get flash charging on the go for all your devices.

amxindia XP60 PD Charger

The AMX XP60’s Intelligent and flexible system level management optimizes power management across multiple peripherals by allowing each device to take only the power it requires, and to get more power when required for a given application. Moreover it is Certified and Complies with various Standards which includes prestigious Bureau of Indian Standards.

amxindia XP60 PD Charger

Travel lighter and faster with XP 60. Gone are the days when travelling used to be a hassle. The XP 60 is flight friendly which means it can be plugged to any socket in the world with it’s wide spectrum of voltage support from 100 to 240 volts.

amxindia XP60 PD Charger

I’ve been using this XP60 to charge multiple products, including my 13” MacBook Pro. The multi port charger has been among the best tech products I’ve used this year, especially after my MacBook’s charger fried and stopped working. Been a saviour when working and moving around.


amxindia XP60 PD Charger

At a price of INR 1999/- this is the best third party charger that money can buy. The design is exemplary and it delivers flawless performance consistently. In my books, a Super Charger with Superpowers at a super price.

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