Nokia 110 4G Feature Phone Review: Very Good All Round Package

Nokia 110 4G

Nokia Feature phones have made quite a mark on the Indian market in the past few years. The key factor is the massive nostalgia associated with Nokia phones and the fact that their feature phones are well made and easy to use. Nokia has quickly evolved into a leader in the feature phone market. I spent quite some time with the Nokia 110 4G Feature phone and here is my review.

The Nokia 110 4G is a feature phone that is aimed a bridging the gap between the tons of 2G/3G feature phones and an actually well thought out 4G feature phone. And this is very evident when we look at the fact that the Nokia 110 4G supports 4G VoLTE calling.
Nokia 110 4G
In keeping with the reputation that Nokia has built for quality, reliable handsets, Nokia 110 4G is built to last and designed to stun. It’s a future-ready phone packed with features including 4G VoLTE connectivity, easy-to-navigate zoomed menus and audio Readout assist, wireless and wired FM radio, expandable memory with 32 GB card support, games and built-in torch and camera. This isn’t just a phone that looks good – it’s a phone that has you covered.
If you have seniors at home who have difficulty reading, the phone has your covered. It supports zoomed menus which make the text very easily readable. The screen is also very good and readability is enhanced. The text readout feature is also very useful as it reads out messages and texts for people who have difficulty with eyesight.
Nokia 110 4G
The phone is available in three different colours: Yellow, Aqua and Black. And its design and crafting  is more than just skin-deep, with a reliable battery and a build-quality that’s made to last. With a built-in camera, torch, classic games, full internet access, wireless and wired FM radio, video player – pause for breath – expandable memory and MP3 player, your daily media requirements are all thought of and handled along with connectivity requirements.
Nokia 110 4G


The phone is available with 48 MB of internal storage. A 128MB RAM of RAM ensures phone runs smoothly even the most memory intensive applications & still shows no signs of lag. 48 MB of internal storage can not be expanded further. The Phone comes with a 1020 mAh battery to support it’s 1.8 inch screen, having a resolution of 120 x 160 at 111 ppi. The battery is good enough to get through roughly 36 hours on a single charge.

Nokia 110 4G


At a price of INR 2799, the Nokia 110 4G is a feature phone that delivers everything you need and more. Arguably one of the best feature phones in the market.


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