Ecosystem all geared up for Digital 2.0/Metaverse opportunity reflects Eastern India’s biggest startup conclave


Leading full-cycle product engineering company offering a confluence of technology, analytics and marketing, INT. (Indus Net Technologies) announced the successful conclusion of the third edition of its flagship Digital Success Summit – Eastern India’s largest annual convention focused on the start-up ecosystem. This year’s edition saw a record number of participation of 450+ Founders from prominent start-ups sharing thoughts over keynote sessions and fireside chats.

Deliberating on the central theme of a Digital Growth Playbook, illustrious stalwarts from the digital technology landscape such as Arjun Vaidya –CEO Dr.Vaidya’s, Vishesh Khurana – Co-Founder Shiprocket, Santosh Panda – Co-Founder & CEO, Udit Goenka – Founder & CEO, Vaibhav Sisinty – Founder/CEO GrowthSchool, Vivek Bajaj – Co-founder Kredent Infoedge, Pallav Nadhani – Co-founder & CEO FusionCharts, Vikas Chawla – Co-founder Social Beat, Suyash Saraf – Founder and CEO Dot & Key Skincare, Kashif Raza – Founder Bitinning, Aji Issac Mathew – Co-founder & CEO INT. TechShu shared perspectives on the subject.

At the DSS2022, business leaders were segregated into four categories;

  1. B2C:

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social beat and gave business leaders the secrets of engaging and converting more customers by amplifying the brand through influencers, enabling startups to save a lot of money on mainstream advertising while continuing to grow revenue wise.

Suyash Saraf, Co-Founder and CEO of Dot & Key skincare gave out insights on how to make a business sustainable. The session resulted in an ask-me-anything between him and over 50 attending delegates who took away insights to apply to their own businesses.

  1. B2B:

Udit Goenka, the force behind PitchGround created ripples when he shared the secrets of how businesses can truly harness the power of their contacts and turn them into happy customers. Over 50% attendees took that chapter from the Digital Growth Playbook most seriously.

Naman Shah, Founder and CEO of NowPurchase, a procurement technology company shared his grand vision of transforming the 140B$ Metal Manufacturing industry and also actively working with Kolkata Katalysts to improve rural and semi urban health infrastructure.

  1. Web 3.0

Kashif Raza, Founder, Bitinning, put out a solid argument to support that in the future, the banking system would move to blockchain ledgers, something popularized by cryptocurrencies. Raza also spoke about the practical sides of mining and the advantages India has in the coming future to enable an ecosystem of mining, blockchain ledgers and smart contracts.

  1. Emerging technologies

Vignesh Ramanujam, Partner, Lok Capital, explained how emerging technologies like AI, ML, Drones etc are effective not because they are what they are currently, but because they are iterative and ever evolving, getting more and more real world with time and affecting more industries and processes.

Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO, INT. said: “The overwhelming inference from the Digital Success Summit is that we have just about scratched the surface of a gold mine that stretches to the horizon in the form of Digital opportunity.  The burgeoning start-up ecosystem of Eastern India is all set to emerge into prominence as we move along. We are thankful to the industry leaders, participating companies and industry representatives, who came together as one force and resolved to embrace the learnings from the summit for today’s rapidly changing business landscape.”

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