Logistics company Quickshift launches its app QS Leap to improve efficiency across its stakeholder network


Keeping the entire supply chain and stakeholders’ benefit in mind, one of India’s fastest growing logistics company Quickshift has launched its in-house application QS Leap. With technology at its forefront, this unique app covers critical points such as inventory management, order processing, courier allocation, order tracking, payments reconciliation and more. QS Leap has been built with the intention of increasing customer stickiness through constant value creation, helping the brands reduce their Cost of Customer Acquisition, assisting their business metrics with relevant data, and forecasting business growth through each product line performance.

“QS-Leap is a one-point solution that makes the entire logistics operation seamless and hassle-free. From receiving orders placed by customers, getting prompted at warehouse, arrangement of packaging and dispatching operations to assigning nearest rider for order delivery, receiving payment and feedback, the application manages it all in real-time. For us as a brand, technology and innovation form the core of our entire operations and growth plans for sustained customer satisfaction. We believe innovative solutions like QS Leap will not just help us stay ahead but will also enable us address key areas such as stakeholder benefit, rider empowerment and preparations for market disruptions,” said Anshul Goenka, Founder, Quickshift

One of the unique features incorporated includes capturing timely and healthy feedback from rider experience and the generated data helps in timely payment of remuneration and incentives based on attendance, good work, or even following traffic guidelines, to make riders feel a part of the bigger cause that Quickshift as a company is driving. QS Leap has been developed with a single focus objective of improving efficiency and efficacy across stakeholder network. It provides a set of comprehensive features to make the experience better, trustworthy and reliable for end customers. The app generates valuable insights to garner consumer feedback on products returned or replaced. It also navigates through the entire order management journey with key USPs being order visibility, order processing, real-time tracking.

Brands like Society Tea, Pintola, Wingreens, U.S.P.A, Mangalam, Neeman’s, have seen exponential growth in their order processing turnaround with Quickshift in the last few years. With the help of strategically located warehouses across the country, spread around 6 cities of Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. With the ecommerce ecosystem growing at a rapid pace in the country, technological advancements and innovative digital solutions such as QS Leap are helping the company in on-boarding ecommerce brands as well as traditional brands who are launching their products online.

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