3rd Gen Samsung Gear VR To Come With Enhanced Features

samsung gear vr

Samsung will be launching the 3rd Gen Gear VR after the high end Note 7 was launched yesterday. The third iteration will have enhanced field of vision while the price remains unchanged.

samsung gear vr supreme

With the announcement that was made yesterday of the new high-end Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company also said it is releasing a third-generation Gear VR headset that is compatible with the new phone, and that the new iteration of the VR headset offers a 101-degree field of view. The price remains at $99, and the device will be released on August 19, with pre-orders starting today.

samsung gear vr

The new Gear VR headset will work seamlessly  with Samsung’s highly anticipated  $349 Gear 360 camera (also available August 19), effectively Samsung is making it a breeze to shoot 360-degree video and then watch it on their VR headset. That definitely beats watching 360 video on mobile phones or desktop web browsers hands down. I have a feeling that we are going to see a flurry of 360 degree videos hitting us after this.

This will will be interesting given the boom that the VR headset and VR market is seeing. We are also keenly waiting to see how Samsung prices this for the indian market!

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