OnePlus 5T One Month Review: Still The Best Android Experience

OnePlus 5T in the hand

OnePlus has had nothing short of an epic run with the OnePlus 5T so far. The model has been the fastest selling and one of the most well received ones for them. While it is easy to make a flagship that boasts of top end specs and sells like hotcakes, the real challenge is to keep that device running as fast and as smooth even after some time has passed. OnePlus has made a practice of making devices that are smooth and fast over the years, how does the OnePlus 5T fare after a month? Let us take a look at this today

One of the key features of all OnePlus phones over the years has been the fact that they have been the perfect blend of top notch hardware and really smooth software. In the recent years they have also been tightening their camera game to make it top notch.  What this means to the end user is the fact that when a OnePlus phone is bought, it stays as a smooth performer for a very long period of time. As it is, the android world is plagued with phones that are fast when you buy them and then lag like there’s no tomorrow after a few weeks.

The OnePlus 5T is a very efficient mix of fast memory, good processor and it has Oxygen OS running the whole show on the software side. The phone comes with a minimum of 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. This combination makes it a default choice for people who are looking for a workhorse of a phone that can carry all their workload easily and also help them carry around their music and other large files. And even after a month, the OnePlus 5T takes all the heavy multitasking that you can throw at it and runs along without even breaking a sweat.

OnePlus 5T

Even the small details on the phone are working perfectly after a month. The fingerprint scanner is one of the fastest that we have seen this year. The buttons and the alert slider still have the wonderful tactile feedback that is crisp and snappy. The journey of a month hasn’t seen any degradation in that quality.  The backside of the phone is still the same premium metallic finish that feels great to hold and grasp. The design around the camera bump on the rear is classy. The horizon line on the sides is a very good accent that makes the design language stand out further.

Coming to the dual camera set up on the rear, it is still nippy and running as it was when we got our hands on it first. The two cameras come together to give very good pictures under normal, harsh and even very low light. The built in portrait mode works fine and gives good cutouts of the object in focus and blurs out the background very artistically without any problems

OnePlus 5T Rear View

The battery lasts well over a day on a single charge and for those of us who need extra juice to get through the day due to workload, there is always the trusty dash charge that has now become one of the best USPs of OnePlus devices. Dash Charge has effectively changed the concept of daily charging and moved it away from the overnight charging cycle that we were all used to and made it more of a charge on demand affair. The availability to a car charger that supports dash charge makes moving around with the OnePlus 5T also a breezy experience when you need to charge up and be ready to go.

The 18:9 screen makes the whole video and gaming experience immersive to the core and thoroughly enjoyable. Hours of videos and hardcore gaming are a breeze and there is a thoughtfully designed “gaming do not disturb”mode that allows you to keep gaming without hassles even if you have to take calls or such in the middle of gaming.  The thoughtfully customizable vibration alerts are also very useful.

So to put it in one sentence, after a month, the OnePlus 5T is still the best android experience of the year and there are no two questions about that at all. OnePlus has a winner in the OnePlus 5T all the way.

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